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O yes, he can be a religious man but not Spiritual. Some briefly stated. It begins with the words of Mr. Kemper believe in freedom of religion but not freedom from ligious dope these days but we do try to open up to stu- think honestly and independently about the significance of what is in the Bible. We offer opportunity to study and discuss the living religions of mankind. We join in the worship of God five times a week, and we encourage students to express in all areas of school life the ideals and aspirations they have arrived at through their earlier The two newspapers, Pravda and the Phillipian, are not, a party with the purpose of enslaving the world under a school with the purpose of educating boys to be the best of men.

But these papers are essentially comparable, because each in its own way and in its own field, has the same, all-important function of telling its readers not only what is essay tablets vs textbooks debate but also what is true.

suit of truth, the greatest of human endeavors, it always through the routine drill of catching punts, when they ball end over end or sailed it underhand, but one day Favorite threw overhand. We noticed the spiral motion of the ball and decided to learn how to throw that way.

There is nothing a man likes better than describing his experiences in journalism, especially at the kind of price The section on Educational Practices forms the basis for this article.

We expect to publish other sections in future issues. The Editors of the two or three largest schools in the country. It is a heavily en- dowed school. It is the coun- school. There are boys in school today who are the fifth and even to come to Andover.

Its great age boys which has developed on An- because the country needed such a it. America is blessed with a great schools of which the dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book high schools dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book a vital component. So vital are they that this democracy will survive and prosper only as they continue to meet the extraordinary demands made upon them. lic rather than private schools.

Eighty per cent do not go on from high school to college. For these each high school must, with a small faculty, offer a variety of curricula to complete their education. Yet with the same small faculty it must prepare the smaller group for college. It must, in other words, provide training for the whole range of abilities which it must serve. Small wonder then, if rela- tively little can be done to stimulate and extend the more gifted youngsters.

The good independent school does pro- vide this special attention for some of these. In the process, it can also set an example of what should be done for all of them by all schools. Further, it should exploit its inde- pendence and its resources to find still better ways re-creative writing commentary essay meet their needs for the betterment of secondary education dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book that all boys and girls shoul go to these schools.

The preserv. l pends on their having this corr It is not a community but a n all. It is a tax exempt institutic but not tax supported. But it isj from his locality and place him with boys from all ov with a broad range of opportunity he could not otherwi of many rather than few of like ability is to give hi zons will enhance his usefulness to his fellow man and Another opportunity for dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book independent school is have not been remiss in the effort to direct the minds ai learts of the boys toward development of conviction and aith.

The addition of a daily chapel service of worship sat score conversion with essay he Sunday church program provides increased opportu- lity for reflection and for greater understanding of dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book re- nan as a precept finds practical application by the boys hrough the activities of the Phillips Society.

The development in boys of a regard for others extends agically from the inculcation of religious and moral alues. We are presently concerned with teaching the yhole school to respect non-athletic skills as much as ath- stic proficiency.

We are playing the limelight increasingly rhe development of respect for such activity is in itself ducation. If boys learn to respect one another for what ach has to offer regardless of what it is, if they learn to principal of the school essay out the good in one another even if it be unusual, Not only should existing skills be recognized, but latent kills should be developed.

The departments are taking n increasing essays analysis of i have a dream in developing participation in those ctivities which further their classroom purposes. The an- lual Shakespeare play, foreign language clubs and plays, he science club, debating and musical organizations, are iow to swim, how to run, jump, dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book throw. Such skills To inculcate more effectively values in terms of behav- ar, we have concluded and adopted a two-year study of ve consider to be fundamental principles of behavior, and ve have established a new system of penalties for mis- behavior.

These penalties are graduated in terms of sever- ty, and are designed particularly for boys of school age. nore opportunity to write visual argument essay example a boy before he gets into seri- ns difficulties.

And the boy with a good record who is in erious trouble for the first time, can be given a second ir requirements. The study proceeded for over a year. Ve finally decided to reduce the number dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book required ram, and to reduce slightly the course load in the two liddle years. Required courses in a second foreign lan- uage and in dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book first three years of history were made op- onal.

Side effects of smoking essay second minor course prescribed for the Lower nd Upper Middle years was eliminated.

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FRED KIMBALL had arranged for a seemingly endless supply of all types of refreshment and a pleasant added attraction was having as our guests for the evening, faculty members, French, L. New- ton, Benton, Dake, Shields, Barss, Forbush, ance, Hawes and Leavitt. MAC TAYLOR and BILL SWETT took over in the vocal and fied a good time for all until the wee hours. During the evening, JOHNNY Mc- GAULEY announced that our special gift had whereupon enthusiasm dr s radhakrishnan in hindi essay book and in shJ order we were over the top with contributiJ an Exeter donor.

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