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Therefore, a sound saving reduces the gravity of the problems pertaining to life after retirement. Tacitly, the elderly does not enjoy the present as the transition of an epoch brings about a host of changes both materially and mentally in him.

The ageing process of a man deprives him of many traits which have brought him tourism in italy essay pleasure. Nevertheless, the horizon of older people is tourism in italy essay since their socialization time is minimal compared to that of younger ones. To illustrate, the peers of an old man are so committed and responsible that they attach enormous priority to their domestic affairs.

Therefore, child marriage essay writing interaction between them substantially decreases whereas the young relishes each moments with a great amount of mobility and a number of acquaintances.

Ostensibly, unlike the elderly, the younger generation has a great amount of recreational activities which makes the latter more sociable than the former. Thanks to the technological innovations and the vast array of electronic gadgets. The majority of youth today being technophiles make their lives tourism in italy essay living and on the other hand, most aged people being technophobes live contented with what they had done in the past. People in their past having set a limited number of goals and dreams lived like a unit in a closely knit society.

However, such society does not exist today so that he is completely detached and nonexistent in the contemporary society while the present generation is enjoying their time of increased mobility and whopping ambitions with optimum utilization. Now, the younger generation in India, for example, on reaching adulthood obtains a job and find out more happiness unlike the people in the past. To sum up, happiness and satisfaction being very subjective cannot be specifically attributed to any special period because it is the attitude and aptitude of people that decide its purview.

So, each generation has a number of unique distinguishing features that add up to their contentment. Hence, the claim of the elderly that their epoch was the excellent to live is tourism in italy essay since each age brings forth a variety of privileges and amenities to life. Unlike in the past, museum has increasingly become an integral part of every state. However, the use of a museum has been somewhat a trivially controversial matter for quite a while now.

Some people tourism in italy essay claim that it poses more number of problems than its tourism in italy essay and others feel the vice versa for various reasons. Apparently, it is believed that a museum is an unnecessary liability due to myriad reasons.

Firstly, it adds to the fiscal burden on an exchequer as government has to spend enormous amount of money on building, preserving and maintaining a museum. To illustrate, the employees tourism in italy essay the authorities who maintain a museum need to be paid every month, which comprises a very huge amount. Secondly, it eats away a huge chunk of space in a a large scale database for aesthetic visual analysis essays pushing city dwellers from pillar to post as every city is faced with unavailability of space with a very high density of population and an alarming number of slums.

Thirdly, protection and maintenance of the materials in a museum, which are old and sometimes fragile, need a lot of effort.

Tourism in italy essay

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