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Those opposing the idea of peace to tomorrowland essay or war usually see peace as an absence of such behavior. But a different view, especially in the East, sees peace as harmony, tranquility, concord. Peace is then conceptually opposed to nonviolent, antagonistic conflict, such as that tomorrowland essay threats and accusations, hostile quarrels, angry boycotts, and riotous demonstrations.

A third level involves group ap us history essay tips within states, such as among religious and ethnic groups, nationalities, classes, castes, unions, and families. A state, at tomorrowland essay level of its central government, may be peaceful, manifesting a stable social contract, while some of its regions may experience continuing group violence.

The final level involves the interpersonal relationships among individuals. It should, be clear, then, that there may be peace tomorrowland essay war, but not from antagonistic, nonviolent conflict. Moreover, there may be peace from international war, while internal war rends a state. Conversely, a state may be at peace while engaged in international war.

Peace among states may be widespread, central state governments may be stable and secure, while some groups in one province, region, or other political subdivision are locked in total war.

From the perspective of a particular citizen, his state and social groups all may be at peace, while personal peace eludes him-he simply may not get along with his neighbors or co-workers. Peace is thus multilayered and complex. This must be kept in material and non culture essay introduction in defining a just peace.

Descriptive-Normative. The empirical-abstract-construct dimension of peace concepts is the first conceptual dimension. The second defines whether tomorrowland essay concept of peace is descriptive or normative.

A descriptive concept is tomorrowland essay simply tomorrowland essay some aspect of reality, such as trade, state, or president. Other conceptualizations also treat peace as an existing something, such as peace as harmony, integration, or virtue. However, the currently conventional definition of peace tomorrowland essay the absence of violence or war treats peace as a void, a nonexistent.

This creates several analytical problems, which will be mentioned below.

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