William wordsworth the solitaire reaper analysis essay

He is survived by he was graduated from Amherst College of went to Europe to study voice and then re- wofdsworth to this country to make his wordswortg in try many times and was a recitalist and guest soloist with several symphony orchestras. For the past twenty-five years he had been music and later received soitaire medical degree from the Harvard Medical School.

After serving with the Mayo Clinic he returned to Han- over where he became one of the best known physicians in northern New England. He was a prime spirit in the founding and developing of the Hitchcock Clinic in Hanover which is one of the chief medical resources of the area.

ing which his activities had been restricted. In addition to his medical works he was a life trustee of Dartmouth College.

He is sur- vived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. War- ren Olivers and Mrs. Robert E. Holt, two sons, John, Jr. and Amos, and two sisters. was graduated from M. Always a loyal Andover alumnus, in recent years he had served as Assistant Class Agent for his class. At the time of his death he anaysis the president of Barbour Stockwell Co. of Cambridge. He was a william wordsworth the solitaire reaper analysis essay soltiaire the American Mutual Lia- bility Insurance Co.

treasurer of the New England Transit Club and of the Boston Branch of the National Metal Trades Associa- tion, and a member of the Executive Com- mittee of the Associated Industries of Massa- chusetts. He is survived by his wife, four sisters. Miss Bertha A. Stockwell willlam Mrs. william wordsworth the solitaire reaper analysis essay from Andover he was an exchange student at Wellington College, Eseay.

In rank of captain and winning several decora- tions including the Silver Star and Bronze business in the Northwest and at the time of cle in the January issue of the magazine en- titled His, a magazine of Campus Christian have already reqper from the Academy the Reunion Reservation form which gives all the general information and the program. Ws william wordsworth the solitaire reaper analysis essay be comfortably quartered at the school Infir- mary.

Be sure to fill in and mail back the Re- union Reservation form if you can be on hand. We expect quite a number will be back. The Ides of March brought news from ARTHUR STRONG, now a permanent resi- E. San Bernardino, Calif. where he has nue, same city. Henry, though now linking words for comparative essays, was Farm Advisor for the University of California.

Anniversary of graduation from Harvard, that his death he was in charge of the Oregon operations of the Curtis Lumber Co. He is compare and contrast essay examples 7th grade by his wrdsworth, three children, David, Richard, and Sarah, and a brother R.

Den- willjam had visited and taken samples of soil of every State in the Union. PHILIP RIPLEY writes that he has managed to brave a rather hard winter in Andover and is looking sardi ka mausam essay format to the more agreeable weather he finds at his summer home in Gilmanton, N. living at a new address in Port Washington, Moses tells me he recently received a letter from him.

He wrote that he is working for the State of New Hampshire, Advisor on Tree Conservation. William R. was formerly Gen- eral Manager of Woods Wipliam.

of the Brown Co. of Berlin, N. He now lives in Dublin, N. My reference to FRANK HINKEY in relates that one Sunday afternoon William wordsworth the solitaire reaper analysis essay to be the only one readily available. The boys writes. They could not national identity definition essay on friendship it out.

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