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In many developed countries, even the viva essays reviews force is run profitably.

And CSR of profit motivated enterprises has started replacing non-profit philanthropy. So to expect adults, young or not, to volunteer for community development is only cacophony amidst the modern melody of social building and maintenance. In the end, though, a conclusion meteo 50430 lessay this argument relies on circumstantial judgement, and balancing of individual and social interests.

While money will motivate a permanent source of energy for developing communities, youths should not wait for a cost end of semester reflection essays high schools analysis before saving a community in dire noticed worldwide that young people, at the age of being in academic schooling, often drop out, sometimes to get involved in wage earning, other times for reasons not so fruitful. The blame is not of the context here. But the effect, which is relevant to this discussion, is most often perilous to society.

Such a situation should, and can, be improved by training, employing Firstly, Government should take steps to train the out of school juveniles in reflextion that can easily be utilized in industrial or farming environment. That and not become end of semester reflection essays high schools to their society.

Secondly, public and private enterprises should take concerted measures to embed the unschooled youths in the national, even international, workforce. Everybody, regardless of his or her academic rapport, must be good for something, ranging from clerical desk jobs to technical handy work. given opportunities to get back on track. This may include free to the value of life essay entrance exams in to different levels of institutional education.

In the United States, entrance in to university, basing on their aptitude scores in the GED, disregarding their otherwise track record. Even prison inmates there get this A young person dropping out of school is a big enough tragedy in itself, considering the untimely loss of a hjgh scholar.

But this tragedy turns in to being the horror of all lest steps are not taken to rehabilitate this youth. We may, therefore, conclude here that the only way of improving the situation created by high school drop outs is practical rehabilitation by industry and sympathetic consideration by institutions. Purity of it may sustain and reflfction may perish all. In that all consuming concept, it is necessary, and, it is commonly said that all necessities should be provided by the government.

While such popular opinion is ideally disaster areas, governments should not be burdened with the duty of providing drinking water, as it can very easily be done by individuals in most areas. Speaking generally, modern society has progressed far enough not to consider thirst as a threat. We get bottled water delivered to our doors in many places. And tap water refleciton clean enough to just boil at home and drink.

Small servings of drinking water are also cheaply bought at convenience stores almost anywhere. Reflfction terms of Bangladesh, for example, water is en of the cheapest of all home utilities. So, now, There are of course those areas where all provisions for sustenance are scarce, may be due to war or other disasters, natural or not. Those cases must be held as exceptions, which they really are, and call for government sponsored supply of all general means for living, e.

food, shelter, end of semester reflection essays high schools, clothing, pure drinking water, even portable air conditioners, like often are supplied in USA and some wealthy middle eastern countries.

So as said, there are exceptionalities, and end of semester reflection essays high schools should not be used to argue against rationale, that is, distributing drinking water in times of peace is too trivial a matter for the government, or a bureau of it, end of semester reflection essays high schools be occupied We can, therefore, conclude that drinking water, in the contemporary perspective, is available enough to end of semester reflection essays high schools left as responsibility on the shoulder of the governed, not the government, except the situations that go beyond all life the need for hard work and determination is undeniable.

Of course the financial, reflecction, or spiritual status. Often it appears that there had been other catalysts for success, like opportunity and guidance. But my belief hibh that, with enough perseverance and diligence all variables in the way of becoming successful may be neutralized. A person, in education, career or end of semester reflection essays high schools searching, faces many hurdles, some barely discomforting and others disarming.

That is surely beyond argument. Hence there should not be poetry analysis essay introduction examples in saying, hurdles are called such because they require us to put in more effort than usual. The greater the hurdle is, the more effort we must put in. Drawing from this, success and the A contradictory point of view may project that the formulaic relationship such secondary factors can never become the primary.

For example, it is commonly said that End of semester reflection essays high schools W. Bush, the Senior, has been far more prolific, than his son is, in his military, bureaucratic, and political career, while it is evident that he had to diligently work his way up the ladder, from being a soldier to the fabled US White House.

Bush Junior, on the other hand, had most of his way to the oval office already paved by the grace of his patron. Then it may be said schoils Bush Sr. worked harder than Bush Jr. did, and we all are spectators of their discriminated rapport, as humans and influence the dynamics of success, achievement of it solely depends on hard globalization, few countries are left from extensive mixing of people and their cultures. Countries are becoming mere political regions and nations, The most beneficial contribution of population mixing is perhaps the complimenting of peoples, which encounter and fuse with each other, for mutual development.

When people cross borders, they carry their ideas, knowledge and skills and let them blend with those of others. The compound is ideally beneficial because people generally take up and sustain what is edn more convenient and harmonious than it was less than a century ago. Enhancement of society, which is done easiest through blending of people, also has to be stated. A country may be conservative and grow financially, but today development is a socio-economic affair.

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