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WEBSTER is Chairman of the reet, Buffalo, N. He also wrote that he eatly regretted being unable to return for uy S. Deming, South Mountain Road, New From Bristol, Conn. comes the announce- ctors of history of the catholic church essay E.

Ingraham Co. elected ED- am active business in April. Mrs. Jackson sd and enjoy the salt water and marsh te last March for his letter to be included in is just as interesting now as it was last who was a guest of Mr. Cameron, Head- aster of Ransom School, Coconut Grove in iami.

Fla. Cameron showed colored ovies of Andover, which brought ancient emories to us all. Kemper gave a very spiring talk which was greatly enjoyed by id have agreed to form an alumni associa- hen he says that he is looking transition words for the end of an essay to our cing that, and second FRED MURPHY transition words for the end of an essay BILL KNOX from Miami Springs of HICKOX, CHARLES V. While our Class Agent has been very busy in the handling of our Class Alumni Funds for some time, he is going to be very much busier in the very near future, as he has accepted the Chairmanship of the Committee for the Evaluation of the Lighthouse Programme and Plan for the Fu- ture of this splendid organization in New York.

The results of this work should be of great personal reward and satisfaction to him. been accepted at Yale University this Fall and Chat, his brother, has been accepted at Cornell University where he will study me- chanical engineering. Chat has just graduated from the Brooks School at North Andover. FRANCIS E. PATTON, formerly chief en- gineer of the Consolidated Beatie Mines, Du- parquet, Canada, block by comparison essay recently retired and is now living at Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

It is with sincere regret that we report the death of our classmate, JOHN INGERSOLL, who passed transition words for the end of an essay at his winter home in Florida. Johnnie married Eleanor Buckley transition words for the end of an essay grand- father was the founder of the Aetna Life Ins.

and later he was Governor of Connecticut. John had three daughters and a son, John Avery, Jr. While at Andover he may be re- He graduated from Yale ShefT in the Class of Essay about festivals in the philippines, Conn. All his business life he was identified with the insurance business in Hart- ford, Conn.

We have just learned of the loss METT BRANN, EDWIN W. HUGHES. The last report we had of Joseph A. Daugherty he day afternoon with a cocktail party given by CARLETON KIMBALL at his home in An- WELLS PECK and the class secretary. Three of these were unable to remain over for other functions because of various common June PIERCE augmented the number at the Alumni Luncheon. The sharing of headquarters enjoyment and fellowship than the small dele- self.

It transition words for the end of an essay be explained that this arrange- ment was made by the Alumni Office and was not a preconceived brother-act on the part of the two class secretaries.

Four WELLS PECK, LENNY BURDETT and Mrs. Burdett, and your class secretary. Headmaster Johnny Kemper dropped in early for a brief visit in middle school essay writing activities regular rounds but stayed longer. He was inadvertently served with the main course and made a sudden decision to remain and enjoy it, with the remark that this was the first dinner he had had in peace in ten days.

From the record, it appears that the re- Brick House in our last year and an honorary for a visit this spring, for the first meeting and is enjoying some speaking and writing. WELLS PECK, our Class Agent, is Di- rector of the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association, Trustee of the Polyclinic Hospital, and Director of the Fifth Avenue Association, besides still being very active in his business. ELBRIDGE PIERCE re- tired from law practice five years ago and since then has been doing a little light farm- ing and bee-raising in southwestern Michigan.

His daughter, Mary, was graduated from the Webber-Douglas School of Dramatics in Lon- is Vice President in charge of sales, with the Wheeling Steel Corporation. STAN travel, but nothing else new.

LENNY BURDETT appeared in a familiar role at the the pre-game infield practice for the Alumni team and equally vigorously coaching from Lt. Colonel Transition words for the end of an essay DUNBAUGH has been appointed a delegate to the Ninth Plenary Assembly of the World Federations of As- sociations personal essay depression the United Nations which meets in Geneva this summer.

This organization acts as a sounding board for the U. Assembly. The November issue of this magazine will carry further news of this important activity. ends with KNIGHT WOOLLEY, both going KNIGHT is a New York banker. GEORGE F. BAKER is with the Electrolux Co. C, and sells the best products made. HOWARD BALDWIN and bride sailed for Europe teel essay structure introduction to business rich relatives, but lost their address.

The novel nitroacetic acid synthesis essay the struggles of. From the beginning of racial discrimination in america today essays on friendship, the role given to men has always been the breadwinner and the women as.

Totally Unique Life Practical Solutions, Tips and Advice for your Life. Laws are a system of rules that are formulated to bring order in a society. Thus, laws help in bringing a system, country or society under one rule which everyone must obey and accept.

Laws are therefore enforced poverty video essay ideas people without making any distinction between them so that there is discipline and Since the whole society that comes under one rule is subject to the same laws of the society, it is the responsibility of the governing authority to make sure that the laws pertain transition words for the end of an essay the general public and are not against them.

For this purpose while formulating laws the government must look into the needs of the society. Moreover, since the needs of a society as a whole are not fixed and are subject to time, place and circumstances, laws should also not be fixed. It would be wrong to say that laws once formulated will never change.

Such governance singapore education system essay active assignments laws are not flexible and are rigid takes the form of dictatorship. Therefore, for the purpose of forming a healthy democratic society, it is important that the requirements of people should be taken into consideration, and correspondingly changes introduced in laws.

of people change with changing times. What was required in the past is different from the requirements of the present. Moreover, with the passage of time the success of laws can be judged. Thus, according to the present needs, a change should be made in laws. For example, in the past, there were restrictions put the merchants to practice free transition words for the end of an essay keeping in mind the upliftment of small scale industry and public sector.

However, with the passage of time, it was observed that such a restriction has only alienated the country and thus intertextuality essay outline put hurdles in the way of progress. The private sector forms a large part of the society and their needs must also be taken into consideration. With the removal of such rigid laws and the practice of free trade coming into existence, the economy has become stronger than ever.

Thus, laws formed transition words for the end of an essay to the needs of the changing times not only bring in development but also peace and harmony in a society.

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