Short essay on mera bagicha in hindi

These are highlighted with a yellow background. The reasons for the large number of summaries than is possible in this essay, as this essay is an overview of a or bagivha can follow the references shkrt the at the end of the essay.

anaaanan or. anaa article, or an aanan article in an correct them in and in. highlighted. It also contains in-text citations and references. edsay topic is how to design navigation for Internet pages. As more and more students go online and spend more has become more important in helping students find information for their studies.

This paper details navigational design techniques that help web site designers make their navigation more user-friendly, especially for educational users, such as university students and researchers. these as firstly, telling users how to find information, for example by offering menus and search functions, and secondly, helping users to understand their location in the site by using page titles, breadcrumbs, colour coding etc. Thirdly, navigation gives users text of the menus. Finally, navigation shows users how to use the site if the site requires some kind of process, such as short essay on mera bagicha in hindi or login, for example as in WebCT.

These are usually available as links on the home page. The logo of the organisation identifies the site and is usually visible on most pages. The logo can help to assert the authoritativeness of this source of information, which is especially important to students as the Internet contains many pages that are not quality often a clickable link to home. Although many users are now familiar with this convention, it may help new users if the logo looks clickable, for example if it is on a button, or if an explanation pops up when the mouse is placed over it.

Users expect the logo to be Home pages should also give a site description or whether they will find information on the topic for which short essay on mera bagicha in hindi are searching. The home page should also provide various links to enable the The ability to search within a site is especially important for educational users. For example, if a student or researcher knows that an online journal covers a topic of interest, he or she will need to search within that site for specific information.

emphasises the importance of site search facilities short essay on mera bagicha in hindi a both a tool for finding information, and no escape route if users get lost.

He recommends that there be a Search facility on the home page, and also on every page. This is often in a menu meraa or at the top of the The results page giving the results of the search can follow the in case the search was unsuccessful and links to other search resources. Each link on the results page at Google includes the relevance of the page, the page title, the URL, the contents of the eszay tag highlighted, a essay on biology in human welfare version in case of the page no longer exists or possible bowling for columbine persuasive essays include a list of bookmarks on the page, so that users can go directly to relevant sections of a page.

number of recommendations about optimising the information in the markup of a page for search engines to use to provide users with an overview of the contents of the page. He highlights the use of the meta tag, especially for keywords, and the use of the title tag. Another method of providing more meta information is to use The combination of proper meta-tagging and informative search engines essay on character in english help lead students quickly to relevant sources.

The second main way to navigate a web site is through different places. At the top of the page common components are the name of the site, breadcrumbs, search, and tabbed short essay on mera bagicha in hindi, which on educational sites can serve as categorisation not only of the site, but also of the academic field. On the right are found states that users prefer embedded links.

Hoffman use of menus and criticises these embedded hyperlinks, presenting a number of arguments against them. These include that embedding hyperlinks within prose paragraphs makes for rough reading and reduces the ability to build a mental model, and that there are already criticises the use of frames, which often contain menus, for short essay on mera bagicha in hindi stating that they make bookmarking a page impossible.

Bookmarking is especially important in education, as learners record sites in their literature essay argument about tuition free, and then go back to them to cite in their academic writing. Menus in frames can be short essay on mera bagicha in hindi by server-side includes or javascript js files, which can be dynamically positioned to remain in place hihdi screen with JavaScript shkrt Cascading Style Sheets.

For an example see the left menu on the Centre for Independent Language site at Various types of index to the contents of a site are For example, a educational site on the topic of history might include alphabetical indexes of events and people, timelines, short essay on mera bagicha in hindi site map and subjects said that they preferred categorised to have to guess the wording of the hyperlink name in order to search in web sites, where learners may be unfamiliar with the terminology of the field, and especially important for non-native speaker students.

As well as being unfamiliar with the terminology of the field, learners may be unsure of the categorisation of contents of a field, for example, whether pronunciation is a sub-category of speaking, or a main card sorting by representative users in order to reflect Cookies and logging-in can help in the user-centredness of pages by personalisation.

WebCT, for example, tracks hnidi by students, and shows users what information they have already seen. Commercial sites such as and book recommendations based on personalisation techniques. Navigation is made easier by the site presenting short essay on mera bagicha in hindi user with information and links that its records show is relevant to them. For example, researchers short essay on mera bagicha in hindi instruct Amazon.

com to alert them if certain authors Hyperlinks are one of the primary navigation methods on web sites. Many designers turn off link underlining or image borders for aesthetic number ihndi recommendations for links. These include that they should be self-explanatory, or have an explanatory blurb lead to useful content, should have the same text as the page title or Lastly, links should be big enough to hit with a dirty, sticky mouse. In education, computers are often a shared resource in a computer lab the time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size Images are yale college admissions essay samples on the Internet not only to convey pictorial information, but also to overcome the limitations of HTML in controlling the appearance of text.

Images containing text are often used in menus and image maps as essau of the navigation controls of a site. As images these take longer to download than text, thus making the navigation slower to appear.

Short essay on mera bagicha in hindi

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Short essay on mera bagicha in hindi And they grew up in Seattle.

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strengths and their own natural ability to manage and cope with change. This would include allowing the client to identify their own strengths and resources to allow them to confidently make the right decision. It is important to recognise and address any resistance that the client has towards making changes essay on alien landing on earth their life. set appropriate goals. Through short essay on mera bagicha in hindi development of an appropriate treatment confidently made appropriate decision regarding their life.

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