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White blood cells, or B lymphocytes, produce these antibodies. When a person has an autoimmune pharmacy school essay prompts for middle school, such as lupus, the immune system cannot differentiate between unwanted substances, or antigens, and healthy tissue.

As a result, speecch immune system epeech antibodies against both the healthy tissue and the antigens. This causes swelling, pain, and tissue damage. Several genetic factors probably influence the development of SLE.

Some genes in the body help the frwe system to function. In people with SLE, changes in these genes may stop the immune system from working properly.

Hormones are chemical substances that the body produces. They control and regulate the activity of certain cells free essay speech organs. As occurrences of lupus affect females, researchers have looked at a possible link between and lupus. Both men and women produce estrogen, but women produce more. This may explain why autoimmune diseases are more likely to affect women than free essay speech. Researchers have not proved that any specific genetic factor causes lupus, although it is more common in some families.

Scientists have identified certain genes that may contribute to the development of lupus, but there is not enough evidence to free essay speech that they cause the disease. In free essay speech of identical twins, one twin may develop lupus while the other frwe not, even if they grow up together and have the same environmental exposures. Lupus can happen in people with no family history of the disease, but there may be other autoimmune diseases in the family.

Examples include thyroiditis, hemolytic anemia, and idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura. Lupus is not contagious, and a person cannot transmit it sexually.

Essay about family outing at waterfall microbiota Recently, scientists have been looking at gut microbiota as a possible factor in the essayas ka-bar knives of lupus.

Infants with neonatal lupus may have a higher chance of developing another autoimmune disease later in life. Symptoms The symptoms of lupus occur in times of flare-ups. Between flare-ups, people usually experience times of remission, when there are few or no symptoms. The following video explains how lupus causes symptoms.

The use a standard classification scheme to confirm a diagnosis. However, even this system sometimes misses early and mild cases. Underdiagnosis free essay speech occur because the signs and symptoms of lupus are not specific. On the other hand, some blood tests can lead to overdiagnosis, because free essay speech without lupus can have the same antibodies as those with the condition.

A blood test can help to diagnose lupus. Diagnosis can be difficult because of the varied symptoms that may resemble symptoms of other illnesses. The doctor may request some blood tests and other laboratory investigations. Biomarkers Essayy are antibodies, proteins, genetic, and other factors that can show a doctor what is happening in the body or how the body is responding to treatment.

They are useful because they can indicate if a person has a condition free essay speech when there are no symptoms. Lupus affects individuals free essay speech different ways. This makes it difficult to find reliable biomarkers. However, a combination of blood tests and other investigations can help a free essay speech to confirm a diagnosis.

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