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It was the original plan to house families to- gether in Williams Hall, but with such a mob, we had to use both Williams Hall, Johnson Hall, and part of the Infirmary for just mothers and children, with the men in six ously because of limited bathroom facilities. We hope that not too many of the gals were unhappy over the arrangement. From a cafeteria style right to protection essay scholarships of excellent quality in one of the handsome individual dining rooms, providing a good chance for table hopping and visiting.

Adjourning to Cooley House really started to jump. FRED KIMBALL had arranged for a seemingly endless supply of all types of refreshment and a pleasant added attraction was having as our guests for the evening, faculty members, French, L. New- right to protection essay scholarships, Benton, Dake, Shields, Barss, Forbush, ance, Hawes and Leavitt.

MAC TAYLOR and BILL SWETT took over in the vocal and fied a good time for all until the wee hours. During the evening, JOHNNY Mc- GAULEY announced that our special gift had whereupon enthusiasm mounted and in shJ order we were over the top with contributiJ an Exeter donor.

John is extremely gratel to his committee for the wonderful suppl they gave the campaign. It is still not too ll to climb aboard the band-wagon and hJ your name listed as a contributor to d York, N.

The Saturday morn seminar was well attended, not only by cL contributed greatly to the interesting discussl ing the seminar a simple moving Memol Service was conducted by PITKIN and G Baldwin, the School Minister, with music p ganist, for our deceased classmates, R.

a picnic, we were treated to a fine Alur Lunch in the new Gym where JOHN LAR NER and JOHN McGAULEY stole the sh with the most appropriate alumni speec brief, and they were funny. PHIL ALL, and ANDY ROGERS got in some good li in the ball game, despite caustic abstraction essay fr tain, BILL WHITTLESEY, JR.

A be tiful sunset and moon made everything p spread. Three bartenders and a continu ning. Sunday saw another crush P. for coffee and eye-openers preced That about wrapped it up.

but a significH remark floated back from a departing wl HAFFE, CHAM BERLINA. CHASE, CU- ADERIA, J. MASON, MILLER, E. ROGERS, A. ROGERS, ROWLAND, WALT KIMBALL is still plugging away at rthopedics in Seattle and regretting his in- lility to get east for a visit. ED LEE has just ic Co. and is now Controller of Latrobe UFTON has been promoted to professor of arketing at Northeastern University.

Prior to as a faculty member of Yale, Michigan and arvard and was employed at the Budget jreau, Washington and Bendix Radio. STAN ELLOGG, who is V. of the Bailey Kellogg srp. Cambridge, Mass. is adding a new line fiber glass reinforced rushessay writer oz awnings and itio roofs to his regular storm window loenix, Ariz.

where he has been for a num- inds of the Comstock Steel Co. Bush re- inded me of the exclusive OGMAW Club hich he, ANGE SMITH, myself, and others rred to that happy release from the Beanery. ur meetings were held at the Andover Inn. he mystic symbol, OGMAW, of course stood lings are quite different these days at the EITH BROWN who owns the other half of in a large article on the Reverend HARRY C.

IESERVE who has just succeeded Dr. Perkins larry has been minister at the First Unitarian continuity theory of ageing essay help in San Francisco.

He has been active much sought-after lecturer. Right to protection essay scholarships with the rticle was a fine picture of Harry with his ROBERT Right to protection essay scholarships. ABERCROMBIE writes Side Academy, Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh, where he is head of right to protection essay scholarships History Department, assist- ant coach of football, and coach of golf.

He you may know, George Follansbee is the new headmaster at Shady Side where he went after leaving Andover. JOHN L. COOPER was recently elected a trustee of the Massa- comes through Rochester to check up on his Ever alert for scraps of information, your thinning at the temples a little but strong at the elbows.

Among those on hand were WID WEBB DAVIS, JOHN PRESTON, BILL BEI- REILLY, ED BAGG anil JOE UPTON. MANSFIELD is now with Sikorsky Aircraft and BAGG treasurer of the Parsons Right to protection essay scholarships Company in Holyoke.

BIRGE, our ex divinity student, is serving Caesar at the right to protection essay scholarships in the form of the Hudson Bay Fur Sales Com- pany. Things have gone pretty soft along the Company flies its Right to protection essay scholarships down essay on what does sustainable living mean to you Montreal Lock Haven, Pa.

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And withal in this these have something more generous in that one lion never submitted to another lion, nor one horse to another, for want of courage.

As we go to right to protection essay scholarships chase of beasts, so do tigers and lions to the pikes upon tench, swallows upon grass-hoppers, and sparrow-hawks upon And pathless wilds supports her callow brood, Sweeps the swift hare or swifter fawn away, We divide the quarry, as well as the pains and labour of the chase, with our hawks and hounds.

And about Amphipolis, in Thrace, the hawkers and wild falcons equally divide the prey in the half. As also along the lake J essayerais en anglais por, if the fisherman does not honestly leave the wolves an equal share of what right to protection essay scholarships has caught, they presently go and tear his nets in pieces.

Sherman Drake, well indoctrinated by the Navy, having graduated from the Academy and taught there for the past course essay online writing years, teaches mathematics and mechanical drawing. Louis Hoitsma, a third new mathematics teacher, comes right to protection essay scholarships William and Mary College, where he was coach and director of admissions, an interesting combination. Dalton McBee has taught at Kimball Union and more recently at the Ransom School in Florida.

He will face the rigors of the New England winter and the teaching scholarshi;s English. Rarely have the sports teams enjoyed a more successful fall season.

Cross-country, which right to protection essay scholarships gains recogni- tion elsewhere in this issue, went through a demanding schedule with but one defeat and ended its season by placing third in the interscholastics behind Mt. Hermon and Deerfield but well ahead of Exeter. The first five run- ners showed the consistency which characterized it essay on mathematics education fall by finishing within five seconds of one another.

In soccer a team which had a mediocre record of three wins, three defeats, and three ties found itself for the game which really counted and played magnificently to brilliant play of Captain Rodes and the inspired tending of goalie Lanouette, the team carried the play to the Ex- onians throughout the afternoon.

Although Exeter scored first, two goals by Foote on excellent assists from Crabtree were a fair measure of the Andover superiority. An interesting feature rigut the soccer season was the go vitalizing of the club system made possible by the giving up of a junior varsity team. Over two hundred Greeks, Gauls, Romans, and Saxons, divided into two hotly con- tested leagues, demonstrated that a sport can be played well and enthusiastically below the varsity level.

The cli- max of this season came right to protection essay scholarships the right to protection essay scholarships clubs played their Exeter counterparts.

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