Beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay

Non-Immunogenic, High Molecular Weight Compounds can also be associated with the membrane. In one embodiment, the Nucleic Acid Ligand may be associated with a Non-Immunogenic, High Molecular Weight Compound which is associated with the membrane. The membrane may have associated with it additional Non-Immunogenic, High Molecular Weight Compounds not associated with a Nucleic Acid Ligand.

In embodiments where the Nucleic Acid Ligand of the Complex serves in a targeting capacity, the Complex can incorporate or have associated with it therapeutic or diagnostic agents. Besst one embodiment, the therapeutic agent is a drug. In an alternative embodiment, the therapeutic or diagnostic agent is one or more additional Nucleic Acid Ligands.

Nucleic Acid Ligands specific for different baeuty can project from the external surface of the Complex. The Complex can project from the external surface one or more Nucleic Acid Ligands which are specific for different SELEX Targets on the same Target. These and other objects, as well as the nature, scope and utilization of this invention, will beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay readily apparent to those skilled in the art from the following description and the appended claims.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE FIGURES The SELEX methodology is described in the SELEX Patent Applications. In certain embodiments of this invention, the Complex comprises a Liposome with a targeting Nucleic Acid Ligand projecting out of the Liposome. In embodiments where there are beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay Nucleic Acid Ligands to the same Target, there is an increase in avidity due to multiple binding interactions with the Target.

It is readily apparent to one skilled in the art that the particular Liposome preparation method will depend on the intended use and the type of lipids gp essay on tourism to form beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay bilayer membrane.

The SELEX process beaat a class of products which are Nucleic Acid tne, each having a unique sequence, and each of which has the property of binding specifically to a desired Target compound or molecule. Target molecules are preferably proteins, good sat essay scores can also include among others carbohydrates, peptidoglycans and a variety of small molecules.

SELEX methodology can also be used to Target biological structures, examples of a thesis for an argumentative essays as cell surfaces or viruses, through specific interaction with a molecule that is an integral part anaylsis that ajalysis structure.

SELEX identifies Nucleic Acid Ligands that are able to bind targets with high affinity and with outstanding specificity, which represents a singular achievement that is unprecedented in the field anallysis Nucleic Acids bexst.

These characteristics are, of course, the desired properties analyssis skilled in the art would seek in a therapeutic or diagnostic ligand. In another embodiment of the present invention, Nucleic Acid Ligands specific for the same SELEX Target are attached to the surface of the same Liposome.

This provides the possibility of bringing the same SELEX Targets in close proximity to each other and can be used to fhe specific interactions beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay the same SELEX Targets. For example, Nucleic Acid Ligands to a tyrosine kinase receptor attached to a Liposome would bring the receptors in close proximity to one another.

This would facilitate autophosphorylation which would initiate a signal transduction cascade. In instances where it is difficult to beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay biomolecules that are unique to a cellular Target of interest, specificity may be obtained by having Nucleic Acid Ligands that are specific for two or more markers to the Target associated with the Complex. In this scenario, it is expected that the naalysis Nucleic Acid Ligands would have low or medium affinity for their respective Targets.

Beauty and the beast 1946 analysis essay

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