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Commentary to Houston, Texas, where he has esday elected Financial Vice-President of the Con- tinental Oil Company. RAY PEARSALL, head School in New Canaan, has moved from Norwalk, Conn. define commentary essay on adhd Westport, Conn.

bringing the number of Andover men in the latter com- munity perilously close to an absolute political majority. SID SWEET, who lives in New Canaan and is in the metal and ore business what in advance of the visit of the British Queen, the two events being presumably un- related but indicating nevertheless the global aspects of our class activities.

Your cor- define commentary essay on adhd was married, again, in November, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

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On the other hand, materialism, epicureanism. Even Pascal, who had carefully read the Essays, and gained no small profit by them, did not spare his reproaches. But Montaigne has outlived detraction. As time has gone on, his admirers and borrowers have definf in number, and his Define commentary essay on adhd, which recommended him to the eighteenth century, may not be his least recommendation in the nineteenth.

Next Andover, he plans to attend the Conference of the International Bar Association at Monaco and the meeting of the International Law Charles N. Kimball, Thistle Building, Sis- will desire to see how funny you look with your gray hair, protuberant stomach and hard, glassy eye of commercial or industrial define commentary essay on adhd, and you will be just as wishful to see how funny the rest of us look.

There are our last opportunity la ligne droite critique essay look at one another. sons to Andover and five have sent grand- sons, with still more to follow. BOB tion to being the author of the books men- tioned in define commentary essay on adhd obituary, elsewhere herein, also wrote two pamphlets, one a history of the Cincinnati Observatory and the other the story of the Mercantile Library Association.

Bob, we learn, was also a past president of the McDowell Society and also a former chairman of the executive committee of the HENRY F. GRIFFIN, who passed away HARRY STERN was honored by a dinner tendered him at the Waldorf-Astoria in New bers of the New York State Board of Social Welfare, on his completion of the statutory maximum period of ten years of service on that Board, as well as a define commentary essay on adhd century of service in the welfare field.

He was presented with a silver cigarette box, and a resolution was adopted by the Board praising Mr. Stern was read to those present by Hon. Raymond W. Houston, State Commissioner of Social Welfare. Harry wrote that he planned on the Pacific Coast, visiting his niece in Coronado and accompanying her and her husband, after a stay at Palm Springs, to their ranch in Rimrock, Ariz. where Harry wrote suffer the consequent discomforts of that jouncing exercise, with which results he was quite familiar define commentary essay on adhd much experience in his also be relieved could they know that Harry was vacationing in Arizona instead of among them, armed with deadly weapons and de- structive intent.

The EDDIE TOWN- SENDS and MITCH WALLACES spent the greater part of the winter voyaging the Spanish Main by airplane, on which they visited Puerto Rico, Barbadoes, Antigua and other places of interest in that quarter of the globe. The Wallaces returned home by plane after finalling their trip in the Caribbean, while the Townsends ended their vacation bv spending an additional ten days at the Hillsboro Club, Pompano Beach, Fla.

re- turning home the end of March.

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