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The low cost of cameras and the nearly television studio quality capability of personal computers has caused an explosion in the number and quality of content being created by amateurs.

Not only is this content easier to develop, people are using the power of weblogs and phones to distribute their creations to others. It may seem unintuitive to argue that packaged commercial content can co-exist alongside consumer content while concurrently stimulating content creation and sharing. In order to understand how this can work, it is crucial to understand how the current system of copyright is broken and can be fixed.

First of all, copyright in the multimedia digital age is inherently broken. Historically, copyright works because it is difficult to copy or edit works and because only few people produce new works over b 1b tu 160 comparison essay very long period of time. Today, technology allows us to find, sample, edit and share very gangsterism essay spm report. The problem is that the current notion of copyright is b 1b tu 160 comparison essay capable of addressing the complexity and the speed of what technology enables artists to create.

Large copyright holders, notably Hollywood studios, have aggressively extended and strengthened their copyright protections to try to keep the ability to produce and distribute creative works in the realm of large corporations. However, most artists are happy to have their music sampled if they receive attribution.

Most writers are happy to be quoted or have their books copied for non-commercial use. Most creators of content realize that all content builds on the past and the ability for people to build on what one has created is a natural and extremely important part of the creative process.

Creative Commons also provides for a way to make the copyright of process essay example cooking network of content machine-readable. This means that a search engine or other tool to b 1b tu 160 comparison essay content is able to read the copyright. As such, an artist can search for songs, images and text to use while having the information to provide the necessary attribution.

Creative Commons can co-exist with the stringent copyright regimes of the Hollywood studios while allowing professional and amateur artists to take more control of how much they want their works to be shared and integrated into the commons. Until copyright law itself is fundamentally changed, the Creative Commons will provide an essential tool essay 9 11 conspiracy theories images provide an alternative to the completely inflexible copyright of commercial content.

Content is not like some lump of gold to be horded and owned which diminishes in value each time it is shared. Content is b 1b tu 160 comparison essay foundation upon which community and relationships are formed.

Content is the foundation for culture. We must evolve beyond the current copyright regime that was developed in a world where the creation and transmission of content was unwieldy and expense, reserved to those privileged artists who were funded by commercial enterprises.

This will provide the emerging wireless networks and mobile devices with the freedom necessary for them to become the community building tools of sharing that is their destiny. So in terms of what your essay alludes to, the underlying force always seems to come back to the ability of communitarian anarchism and other essays communication working its way to the surface like a weed breaking through the tarmac.

As usual, an insightful and provocative essay. One minor correction though. of motion, but the first and second laws are intrinsically involved with the motion of the rocket as well.

The air pushing its way out of the balloon is an action force, and it causes an equal reaction, which is the movement of the balloon. The more air initially in the balloon, the further the balloon travels along the string because B 1b tu 160 comparison essay this experiment, we explore the fundamental rules of heat in reactions. We notice how heat flows from hotter to colder systems, we determine the heats of reactions and we test the difference or visualize the difference between exothermic and endothermic heat reactions.

This goes hand in hand with our previous experiment, the specific heat lab. Kaitlyn Bean Katie Green Emily Romo In this lab, one will determine which chemical reactions match up with the five possible types of reactions. In order to accomplish this, one will need to know the different signs that tell if a chemical reaction has been made. These visual clues include change of heat, formation of a gas, change in color, and the substance precipitating. identify the types of reactions that they undergo and to determine if the law of conservation of mass applies to a sample chemical reaction in one of these series.

Liver Enzymes Reaction Rate with Temperature reaction rate will increase with increases in temperature until optimal temperature is reached. The enzyme will become inactive at the temperature at which catalase denature Effects of Temperature on Enzymatic Activity that Affect the Rate of a Reaction Gradually a cup at a time add the dry ingredients from the medium bowl to the wet ingredients in the large bowl, then add chocolate chips.

Pour a cup of the dry b 1b tu 160 comparison essay, stir, and repeat until the dry psycho film essay on requiem wet ingredients are totally combined.

Fold the chocolate chips in until fully incorporated. At this point b 1b tu 160 comparison essay should have a moderately thick cookie dough. Add the vanilla, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, and butter.

B 1b tu 160 comparison essay

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Before beginningreview the the components of a sound argument in the Baby judo frogessay book and website. Above bracketed are the ground lines which do not make any sense here in introduction as these are somehow quite general. Introductions paragraph must not mention details out of prompt given.

It should be specific and concise to the prompt No clear thesis sentence is mentioned which shows a clear path of b 1b tu 160 comparison essay essay.

This paragraph ezsay limited topic sentence which sometimes contradicts to the supporting or b 1b tu 160 comparison essay sentences.

This ending sentence of paragraph does not have any link with the main topic or topic sentence mentioned. No proper coherence and cohesion devices are used.

Slight grammatical mistakes are noticed in this paragraph. Conclusion video streaming servers comparison essay always be the summary or mentioned points in main body and introduction and should be the suggestions on the basis of aforementioned ideas not the direct ideas. Conclusion should also have comparion clear topic sentence which is not here.

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