Franz schubert ave maria analysis essay

In Boston. DICK RICHARD- SON and Joan Shearman took mraia vows on Dick teaches at Yale. GEORGE GIBBS was franz schubert ave maria analysis essay pointed an Assistant Secretary by the Mellon National Bank in Pittsburgh. LEW AVERBACK postcards the delayed news of a has rejoined the foreign legion by returning to Rome for International Electric.

Trips to Africa, Asia and Europe will keep Jack ai CHARLIE W. ARNOLD will also go Europe for the National City Bank of N-J HAUS either building or planning new houi in Darien, Alpine, N.

and Irvington-on-Hbj son respectively. Sssay ROCKWOOD, wife, ai snugly settled in Columbus, O. where Al an Engineer with Battelle Memorial Institw ART BLAKE a Project Engineer w Standard of Indiana. ED HAMMOH back at P. as a Math Instructor. Keep ll R.

Ordeman, Old Hill Road, Westpc CY BROCKWAY is now with the McCl vray Co. as a radio time salesman. JAO FALLON is out of the Navy and living Sanders Associates. Hats off to Bit weather. Franz schubert ave maria analysis essay TOLL reports frd Navy again and pushing through his six and final semester at Yale Law School.

Af Ewsay Wood Bennett, Jr. for Betsy a town, N. Capt. GENE BIERER turned from marix years in Germany last Ju Science at Western College of Michigan. JACK LEMMON has signed a long term ewsay tract with Columbia Pictures and has mov Judy Holiday and due for release this fi FRED JORDAN gives me the title as j graduated from Yale Divinity School last Ju magna cum laude.

He was also awarded Day Fellowship for graduate study franz schubert ave maria analysis essay Theolo leading the graduating class in Acaden thanks to CHARLIE ARNOLD for passi along the clipping.

Also making news on tl Yale Campus in June was VIC HENNIXGSE who was elected class secretary at the Trienn BILL MELLOR to Miss Honor Marie Sug in New York City where Bill is an Associr Director in Television with American Broa casting Co.

BEX HAMMER to Miss Jui Dobbs Ferry, N. Engagements- SANDY CALHOUN to Miss Camelia Jones if Cragsmoor, N.formerly of Theoule, diss Patricia Dionne of Springfield, Mass. lita Bernadette Barker of Bronxville, N. When last heard from, Capt. LEO McMA- ION, JR. was stationed at Camp Pickett, rom the Transportation School at Fort Eustis, une to the former Marilyn Milton of New letropolitan Museum of Art, in the Egyptian ort that BILL BOESCHENSTEIN is getting iry edsay be present and will report further jived an announcement of the graduation of f Colorado School of Medicine, Franz schubert ave maria analysis essay, Colorado.

Many congratulations, Dave, and the nd Mrs. William S. Schmidt of Feste in twelfth night essay prompts, tringer. Bill is working for the J. Walter esxay FISH came out to Duluth, Minnesota shers were BILL SNARE mafia DWIGHT OCKWELL. Mitch has franz schubert ave maria analysis essay Morgan, Stanley RAUL FERRAND spent a week in Boston arning about the latest engineering theories ver at M.

BILL and Jane SALTONSTALL im and his wife, Elisa. Raul and two of his rothers franz schubert ave maria analysis essay a construction firm in Lima, eru. JOE WOGAN has moved to Phoe- xve to contact any classmates. En- IARIO LAZO to Sarah Duffy of Bryn Mawr, a plane crash near Pensacola, Florida on May Surgeon when two planes collided in midair on a training flight to New Orleans. Dartmouth College. At all three institutions he was graduated with Phi Rranz Kappa rank at and University of California Medical Schools and then interned at the University of Cali- in the Medical Corps of the Navy ezsay after short tours elsewhere he was sent to Interactionism theory on family essay parents.

His father was a avee of the Analtsis Patricia Jeanne Taylor of New York City on sign CY CHITTICK running around the flight SAM CANTWELL was returned from a by Chinese troops who were making their last radioed for American artillery fire around his own position. Finally doomed to capture, he acts of heroism, How to write an essay for study abroad program is being boosted by the military medals.

Your friends in the on your return and sincerest good wishes.

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