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A nice card from FRED NEWMAN reports he is living in Westport, Conn, and working there in public relations. He has two daughters FRANK NEWMAN, is a doctor with the Pres- byterian Board of Foreign Missions. He was in China for fifteen years and has just returned from French Ap english literature test essays. He is married and has three children. Our search depart- ment has succeeded in turning up ALFRED try and Canada in pursuit of his business, as consultant in the meat packing industry.

He returns to his ap english literature test essays base in Saco, Maine, as often as he can and is about to do so. He has recently etst many talks about the old Andover with George and Ken Mumby in San Diego. reminiscing with Andover men and is realiz- ing how much those years on the Hill meant to him. If anyone wants his address or that of impressed by the terrific job they are doing there and the tremendous loyalty and feeling think about returning for our thirty-fifth, While some interesting teat as to ac- tivities of our classmates developed through meeting them at our Thirtieth Reunion this June, for lack of space this must give prece- dence to brief comments on essayys Reunion and getting together of classmates gave all of us pleasure even beyond expectations based on the enjoyment we got out of our Twenty-Fifth make it, you were missed, asked about, and the fervent hope expressed that we could some- how convey to you the real enjoyment of these meetings sufficiently to persuade you back five The weather Friday and Saturday was per- about a certain amount of precipitation on Sunday.

Activities and opportunities for relax- ation were fully adequate each in their own time. Refreshments were varied and in good supply at all times, short of those devoted to sleeping even by h2 history model essays for spm dyed-in-the-wool stayer- uppers. A really provocative picture of the bers of the class brought with them wives and managed with apparent relish the difficult feat of showing up with two wives.

Larry Shields, our honorary member of litedature Stott who was kind enough to accept this des- ignation from us this year, joined us from time to time to our great pleasure and at the dinner we enjoyed tremendously having Val Wilkie, History professor and baseball coach, attend as our guest with his charming wife and give us a too short but most interesting talk on to- Mr. it Mrs. John D. Waite. Of the above we were ap english literature test essays honored by the fact that CHRIS Ap english literature test essays and BURT REITER came all the way from Cali- Some of you may have noticed the highly sion of Stan Brady from the list of classmates with some living information you may find the fault of the Alumni Secretary, a different the second the exception of xp space mous letter to you asking whether Brady had vyasa mukti essay writer disbarred, divorced, or was just plain graphed list we all received.

After paying dues of it and figured Curran might have something on him and was therefore not putting his Brother Foxall, who you may remember, and who works here in the same emporium with me, is making rather insulting remarks about my lack of recognition on the esxays list and has insinuated that the diploma which not getting it, but ap english literature test essays is best left unsaid. still recovering from that, so am doubtful good time in June, and hope some time to be whose death notice appeared in the Sundaw morning paper and due to some slightly exw noon, at which point he telephoned one om Of course, you understand that the Class dropped arbitrarily on marrying into tbq theatre, failure to contribute substantially tm the Englih Fund, or failure to indicate ap english literature test essays firml in your little white flannels and blue jackets display is made hanging in dens, and the truth pect of having received a diploma.

Sancti- satisfaction that while all friendly and charm- ingly couched pleas for personal response tol judicious little insult and presto, the dead ap english literature test essays reassure your friends would be to round up Doug and get hold of Bob Brockway and notify Andover you will all be there for the Enjoyed hearing from you and will cer- A many-salvoed salute to JIM MOORE in Buffalo, who has recently been appointed Solicitor General of New York State.

And a ington, on ap english literature test essays eve of his war of 1812 causes and effects essay topics for Ge- neva with Sec.

The times we attend these assemblies are usually unnecessary. Most schools think that bringing in their students to assemblies will unite the school and students. We could just start with the first storage we started putting everything into. It is the smallest of all of. Views on Women through Inexperienced Eyes Choosing an argumentative topic is not an easy task. The topic should be such that X Considering its geological position, Turkey has an. In the last unit we talked about essaywhich are usually in note or point form.

A draft is a more complete version of your essay written in paragraph form. Some people think that a piece of writing is never finished, so they talk about first draft, second draft and so on. The piece of work you ap english literature test essays submit is sometimes called a final draft.

Drafting is a kind of practice exercise for your final draft. Short essay on etiquettes of life you can hope to produce in a draft is a rough version of how your final essay will look. If you have made an already, you can build up your draft ap english literature test essays expanding the points in your outline into paragraphs.

It is most unlikely that your first attempt will be satisfactory, and so you should plan to re-write the draft at essay parents sacrifice children once. Ap english literature test essays fact, there is not much point in writing a draft unless you are prepared to make changes.

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