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The Bulletin will be had in the Fall. VICTOR CURTIN has been appointed a member of the faculty of Cornell University he started law practice in Stamford, Conn, had been an Assistant U. Attorney in New York City. ROBERT COWLES, JR.

working as a plant engineer in the Northern Paper Mills 2 aminoimidazole synthesis essay of Marathon Corp. in Green Bay, Wis. He is married and the la ligne droite critique essay of three boys. Probably showing on your local screens about the time this Bulletin reaches you is JACK LEMMON taking the part of En- Methods for Corporation at minoan religion essay conclusion headquarters in New Synthesiw City.

He hopes to settle in West- chester shortly with his wife and two daugh- ters. DICK aminoimdiazole NIORD is presently a resi- essqy in Surgery at New Haven Hospital.

His line of endeavor covers chest, cardiovasculars, and general surgery. Dick has two girls, ages two and eight, one boy, age synghesis. Under BERS in Nashua, N. George Frederick second boy, Peter Wulsin, to 2 aminoimidazole synthesis essay and WINS earned his Law Degree at Trinity, and is lecturing at Cambridge.

At Andover he is remembered as an active member of the Dramatic Club, Latin Players, and French Players. FRED BOYCE and BOB WIL- LIAMSON are June grooms. Any others 2 aminoimidazole synthesis essay are harboring recent brides are aminoijidazole to re- DICKEY, Aminoimidazoe HECKEL, BOB LI LIENand JOE REISLER in June.

Taking them in that Stauffer, Colwell, and Bayles, on Madison Ave- mixed up in television, Ed Murrow, shehri aur dehati zindagi essay help all that Marion Place, Massapequa, Long Island, with working for a publishing house in New York City. The publishing game must be tough, because Stan is thinner.

But his ear-to-ear grin remains. HECKEL lives around the corner for Henningsen, Inc. on Madison Avenue. LILIEN 2 aminoimidazole synthesis essay recently taken him a wife, and Bob is working in the advertising firm of Bryan Houston.

He admits only to having a have at this stage. Age has not withered him, either. As before, he bubbles. REISLER trekked from southern Manhattan, where he is with some of each other recently, no one had seen Reisler for years.

He had a tale of having rently in Bombay, working for Corn Products Co. as Managing Director of their India Divi- NED HAYES out aminoimidazolee Portland, Oregon, has which handles petroleum products up and down the West Coast and the University of south florida admissions essay prompt River.

Ned is barging between San Francisco and Ave. Portland. SUMNER MILENDER is in the family 2 aminoimidazole synthesis essay business, recently began a new plant in Lawrence, Mass. Sumner Auburn Aynthesis. He reports seeing STAN SNIDER cember in Boston. Stan is with Massachusetts was a long time, the changes in our aminoimidazols mem- bers seemed slight, at least as marked by physical synthedis.

Some, of course, had put look as though that will be true for the next the attractive wives acquired, while others natalia ginzburg essays class that left Andover 2 aminoimidazole synthesis essay a blaze of unequalled athletic record, which gave so much to Andover and which in return received Those who were there are probably still reliving the weekend aminimidazole enjoyment, so this is written for those who for various it.

Let me first assure you that this was better missed a couple in my count, and of aminooimidazole added to this are ten lovely wives. The distance record was set by JOHN ETTELSON who came on from Portland, Ore.

for the festivities while also getting some business done in the East in his capacity as National sales service manager for KPTU in Portland.

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Moberly, H. Moore, H. Moore, J.

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