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Learning and the stimulation of learning by assessment Despite the proliferation of assessment methodologies which attempt to test the competence of medical students directly, such as OSCE, OSPE, case-based assessment, mini-CEX and workplace-based assessment, written assessments remain in widespread use.

Much of the knowledge base required by the clinician is not necessarily testable in the performance format. Additionally, in comparison with most practical assessment formats, written tests are easier to organize and deliver, requiring little more than pen and paper or a computer, a venue, question setters and markers who need not be physically present. It is generally accepted that the multiple-choice format, in contrast to speecy open-ended format, has high reliability and is efficient, a consequence primarily of wide sampling, and to a lesser extent, of its objectivity.

In support of pros and cons of freedom of speech essay topics open-ended format, it has been widely held that this format is superior at pros and cons of freedom of speech essay topics higher cognitive levels of knowledge and has greater validity.

This belief is intuitively appealing and appears to represent the viewpoint of many of those involved in medical assessment, including those with extensive knowledge and experience in medical education. In an attempt to gain the best of both formats, there has been a shift from the prototypical essay towards newer formats comprising a larger number of short, structured questions, a development intended to retain the perceived benefit of the open-ended question with the superior reliability of the MCQ.

Reliability and efficiency of open-ended and multiple-choice question formats Example of a context-rich multiple-choice item in internal medicine None of the options offered are obviously unreasonable or easily excluded social studies ged practice essay samples the candidate who attempts to shortcut the cognitive processes required in answering it by searching for clues in the options themselves.

All have a place in the therapy of patients presenting with a variety of similar presentations. Validity is an indicator of how closely the assessment actually measures the quality it purportedly sets out to test. It is self-evident that proficiency in many pros and cons of freedom of speech essay topics, including clinical cobs, requires not only the ability to recall factual knowledge, but also the ability to generate topocs test hypotheses, integrate knowledge and apply it appropriately as required.

Expected performance in a well-structured context-rich multiple-choice assessment requiring complex problem-solving Knowledge lacks structure and is essentially context-free. Concepts and relationships are of poor quality Situated knowledge is present but cannot be prioritised appropriately for the problem Though the problem may be recognised, the candidate will be unable to represent it internally or activate a mental model with sufficient fidelity for problem-solving.

Is able to extract the cone elements from the problem and possesses many or most of the concepts required for application to the problem, but the relationship between these may ot yet be fully mature. The candidate will recognise the problem and respond appropriately to it, but may struggle to prioritise and evaluate elements appropriately because of the immature relationships between concepts.

Immediately recognises the problem and is able to nad it fully in a mental model which permits a solution. Will recognise the problem, identify, evaluate and prioritise all the elements necessary for a solution, thus arriving at the correct answer.

Understands and responds to the situation intuitively, using tacit knowledge arising from extensive experience Is able to answer the question intuitively with minimal analysis or thinking. Therefore, if candidates demonstrate evidence of extensive, deeply-learned two parents are better than one free essay, and the ability to solve complex problems, be it through the medium of multiple-choice pros and cons of freedom of speech essay topics or any other form of assessment, then it is safe to assume that they will be able to apply this knowledge in practice.

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