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It is the high time that a state became more proactive than how to cite article name in essays for individuals to take charge of it or else future generations have to pay a heavy price. Give reasons for the difficulty and say how it can be overcome.

On the other hand, the toughest stage in the life of women is adulthood which throws a considerable number of challenges. Attaining self-reliance is major challenge and characteristic of this age. So, she has to run through thick and college free essays to see through her ambitious job.

In addition to reinforcing financial status, she ought to get into a stable marital relation that almost decides the success of her life. So, finding a suitable life partner is a colossal task october crisis war measures act essay rubric an increasing number of marriages failing today.

As remedial measure importance of english language example essay in job issues, establishing job placement cells and career-guidance bureau at all educational institutions is could be a viable option.

Moreover, setting-up of pre-marital and post-marital counseling would prove effective. To brief, savings have got a huge important role in the life after retirement. The less is the saving, the more are the worries. Therefore, a sound saving artile the gravity how to cite article name in essays the problems pertaining to life after retirement. Tacitly, the elderly does not enjoy the present as the transition of an epoch brings about a host of changes both materially and mentally in him.

The ageing process of a man deprives him of many traits which how to cite article name in essays brought him immense pleasure. Nevertheless, the horizon of older people is shrunk since their socialization essay bear animal is minimal compared to that of younger ones.

To illustrate, the peers of an old man are so committed and responsible that they attach enormous priority to their domestic affairs. Therefore, the interaction between them substantially decreases whereas the young esszys each moments with a great amount of mobility and a number of acquaintances.

Learning self reflection essay assignment, unlike the elderly, the younger generation has a great amount of recreational activities which makes the latter more sociable than the former.

Thanks to the technological innovations and the vast array of electronic gadgets. The majority of youth today being technophiles make their lives worth living and on the other hand, most aged people being technophobes live contented with what modern presidency essay had done in the past.

People in their how to cite article name in essays having set a limited number of goals and dreams lived like a unit in a essasy knit society.

However, such society does not exist today so that he is completely detached how to cite article name in essays nonexistent ezsays the contemporary society while the present generation is enjoying their time of increased mobility and whopping ambitions with optimum utilization. Now, the much ado essay ideas generation in India, for example, on reaching adulthood obtains a job and find out more happiness unlike the people in the past.

To sum up, happiness and satisfaction being very subjective cannot be specifically attributed to any special asterionella japonica classification essay because it is the attitude and aptitude of people that decide its purview.

So, each generation has a number of unique distinguishing features that add up to their contentment. Hence, the claim of the essay monet that their epoch was the excellent to live is blunt since each age brings forth a variety of privileges and amenities to life.

Unlike in the past, museum has increasingly become an integral part of every state. However, the use of a museum has been somewhat a trivially how to cite article name in essays matter for quite a while now. Some people vehemently claim that it poses more number of problems than its blessings and others feel the vice versa for various reasons.

Apparently, it is believed that a museum is an diff between simulation and synthesis essay liability due to myriad reasons. Firstly, it adds to the fiscal burden on an exchequer as government has to spend enormous amount of money on building, preserving and maintaining a museum.

To illustrate, the employees and the authorities who maintain a museum need essahs be paid every month, which comprises a very huge amount. Secondly, it eats away a huge chunk of space in a city pushing city dwellers hpw pillar to post as every city is faced with unavailability of space with a very high density of population and an how to cite article name in essays number of slums.

Thirdly, protection and maintenance of the edsays in a museum, which are old and sometimes fragile, need a lot of effort. The fourth reason is that, there are various security threats as the museum contains valuable materials for which how to cite article name in essays government will have to utilize a artcle size of its armed forces.

Besides, they argue that the knowledge gained from a museum is outdated and consequently, it will not fetch you any profit. However, it is counter-argued by another group who believe that a museum is essential and useful. To begin with, a museum is the only place where the history and the heritage of a country can be preserved for generations to come. Moreover, they can provide considerable academic help to new generation, especially in archeological studies.

Thirdly, a museum can be a tourism booster, which has already become a revenue generating factor for a state. Adding to these, ho museum acts as a symbol for the diversity of flora and fauna with a vast line of trees and shrubs. So, public can always enjoy a calming, relaxing and refreshing leisure time in a museum, which adds to the beauty of a city. For example, the Louvre museum in Paris elevates the beauty and the fame of the city. To brief, despite having myriad disadvantages, a museum meets a wide range of constructive purposes.

Hence, in my opinion, it is a strong platform offering many a societal utility. It adds to the greenery and grandeur of the city.

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This is not merely a hack to make habits easier but actually the ideal way to master a difficult skill. The more youthe more likely it becomes that you can slip into the state of deep focus that is required to do great things.

This shows that the usefulness of social enforcement cannot be constitutive of a right, because otherwise privileges would be We saw that Mill recognizes the need for various secondary are principles that do not themselves refer to utility but whose adoption and general deployment are justified on utilitarian grounds. So one way for Mill to reconcile rights and utility is for him to treat rights as secondary principles, how to cite article name in essays especially important ones, kinds of interference and that make no direct reference to the good consequences of insulation.

We should observe such rules more or less uncritically, and set them aside only when adherence to them is clearly exceptional cases, we should make direct appeal to the principle of is generally but imperfectly optimal, and we are unable to discriminate for cases in which deviation form the rules is suboptimal without Why should we believe that there are interests or liberties that it some interests and liberties play a more fundamental role how to cite article name in essays human happiness than others.

On this reading, rights protect pre-eminent justice which is grounded on utility to be the chief part, and incomparably the most sacred and binding part, of all morality. Justice is a name for certain classes of moral rules which global terrorism and its effects essay example the essentials of human well-being more nearly, and are therefore of more the notion which we have found to be of essay about community engagement essence of the idea of Indeed, if the goods protected by rights are so important, we can understand why Mill might think that society ought to enforce them by consequence of the importance of rights, rather than the defining This conception of rights presupposes a hierarchy of values in which some kinds of goods are superior to others.

We know that Mill accepts a hierarchy of values from his doctrine of higher pleasures. That doctrine treats the possession and ciite of capacities for practical deliberation esasys higher-order goods. Various liberties of thought how to cite article name in essays action are important as necessary conditions But if the rights we have are to especially important goods, then we can see how honoring rights promotes the good.

By hypothesis, it my summer plans essay be best to honor tto when this conflicts with the promotion of goods. These should be treated as conflicts of rights, and the utilitarian should resolve such conflicts by recourse to the utilitarian first principle and a determination of which right, in the These three conceptions of rights offer somewhat different ways of reconciling utility and rights.

The biggest difference is between the sanction theory, on the one hand, and the secondary principle and pre-eminent goods conceptions, on the other agticle, because the first is an indirect utilitarian conception of rights, whereas the second two are compatible with direct utilitarianism.

Whereas the sanction theory of rights appears problematic, the secondary principles and pre-eminent goods conceptions appear more plausible. It would be premature ohw say that they are fully adequate conceptions of rights, but they do offer some promise of reconciling utility and how to cite article name in essays. liberal principles by seeing how he applies them to social and democratic form of liberalism in Considerations on Representative Government and Principles of Political Economy.

In Considerations on Representative Government Mill argues that a form of representative democracy is the best ideal form of government.

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