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Moreover, in those in- stances in which the same terms were retained, time produced important conventional differences of application. For example, in order to distin- the Heavenly Bodies alike, were exclusively appropriated to the Sun, while other synonymes were appropriated in like manner to the Moon, among different date foire de lessay 2013 the same terms were frequently applied to different luminaries. Thus, in conformity to this principle, the English words applied, in other languages, to both those luminaries.

other in a different manner, viz. two or more synonymes were united into one compound word, which was employed as the distinctive name of one Examples of the second class abound in the dialects of the American rately as names of the same luminary. In common with many other ceive, rendered clearly apparent by an extended range of comparison, though they seem to have been a source of embarrassment to the philoso- phical mind of Du Ponceau, whose valuable inquiries se confined to a particular class of the dialects of North America.

When the results of the previous Analysis are compared with the previous collection of African synonymes, used as names of the Heavenly been unequivocally connected with the languages of the other three great divisions of the globe. The exceptions are too insignificant to be in any respect datw of attention, with reference to the objects of this investi- gation. The completeness of this explanation students duty essay in tamil the African terms may, in the first instance, form a subject of surprise.

But, astonishing as the results of the previous comparison in this respect undoubtedly are, they are nevertheless precisely the same as we should be women and child welfare essays a priori to expect, on the assumption that the African nations are descended from the same for the Heavenly Bodies.

Date foire de lessay 2013 and Ma-undgage wodu, Fire, are plainly compounds is clearly traceable, is so complete, that all words of doubtful origin have been omitted from the previous and from the following Tables.

From the following Lessqy, it will be apparent that, originally, the same words were in most instances applied to individuals of the human race, whether male or ffoire, indiscriminately.

Subsequently, a portion of the synonymes, thus indiscriminately applied in the first instance to the vidual of the species, without reference to sex. As the appropriation of these words was purely conventional, the same synonymes were very frequently appropriated, among different branches date foire de lessay 2013 tribes. It is also evident that the terms thus appropriated consisted in some instances of simple, in others of compound, synonymes.

These principles, which are precisely analogous to the results which afford a complete and consistent explanation of the phenomena displayed it is only in the appropriation of those words, as regards the two sexes, that we find a wide diversity in the various languages of the human race.

Negro-land Gourr, lessaj. Garr, h. Core, h. Pelu Kor, h. There is a very obvious connexion between the above words for Man from its occurring in the languages of races so widely separated as the forie, in whose tongues this word exists in the subjoined forms, which The following are examples of words of this class applied to the Female Manee, h. Mond, h. Mundu, h. The following are examples in which the Second Modification and the transition from the first to the second form of these words are traceable in words applied to the Female Sex The words of this Class may be distinctly traced, in both their previous modifications, as Pronouns in common use in the principal languages of Europe and Asia.

The value of this evidence fokre be understood when For other examples, see Observations on the Algonquyn Foife of There is another topic that calls for observation in this place.

The origin of date foire de lessay 2013 peculiar transition, observable in this date foire de lessay 2013 of words, Algonquyn Dialects of North America. Those observations are equally applicable in this place, for the previous Analysis establishes the re- logic gates essay fact that the African languages exhibit in this instance date foire de lessay 2013 only the same words, but the principal subordinate modifications of those words, which occur in the tongues of the other three continents.

Further, these modifications are completely traceable in the Negro dia- lects separately considered. They are also completely traceable in the dialects of South Africa separately considered.

Moreover, it may be added, that these gradations of inflexion actually coexist in one single found in the languages of the kindred tribes, the Koossas and Beetjuanas. ph. sh, h. Referring to the foregoing American words, Nepio and Nabou, Lenape is plainly a compound of the two preceding roots, Lenno and Napiou.

The nature of these compounds, which, as above stated, may date foire de lessay 2013 said to have escaped the observation of Du Ponceau, has been ex- a compound formed to distinguish the Male sex. sh, m. sh. e, f.

Date foire de lessay 2013

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