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Thus, if these people could possess such sums, she could also do it. The next hpw of the novel is dedicated to imprisonment of Hugh and Deborah. Stolen money did not bring them esway. Unable to cope with the awful conditions in prison, Hugh committed suicide. The story ends with a dialogue between Deborah and a Quaker woman who promises to bury Hughs corpse.

To summarize all the aboveLife in the Iron Mills is a perfect description of the class inequality that is the basis of every society. The author does not want her readers to be blinded by sweet stories of social equality.

This story persuades us that social equality is the myth. The idea of soul salvation via hard work can serve just a folding how to format a personal essay for college for a social conflict that is pfrsonal burst. We find this passage from the second part of the Life in the Iron Mills as the core of the novella. The author managed to convey to the readers both the feelings of a woman who lost her beloved man and the hope for the better.

When Deborah seemed to have lost everything that linked her to the world outside, God sent her hope the Quaker woman who found the necessary words to calm her down and help her find a new way in her life. In India we celebrate numerous festivals and there are so many rituals and traditions associated with them. There are so many aspects 45 70 govt comparison essay festivals that we love to enjoy like the food, the dresses and most importantly the festivities that come how to format a personal essay for college it.

While we celebrate these festivals we also add a lot of pollutants in the environment. We burst crackers, immerse idols in water, play with water and colors etc, some of these practices harm our environment and pollute the surroundings.

Long and Short Essay on Pollution due to Festivals in English In these essays we have tried to cover all the aspects of pollution due to festivals in varying word lengths to help you with the same in your exam. You can select any Us history regents thematic essay 2015 due to Festivals essay as per your need.

We cause air, water and noise pollution during celebrations and not to forget they have a huge impact on our health. Not to forget that animals and birds also suffer. Diwali which is the biggest Hindu festival brings with it a lot of air pollution. The bursting of crackers not only causes air pollution but noise pollution also.

The air how to format a personal essay for college chokes and the visibility is highly reduced during Diwali. Water is an essential part of our lives. Since the beginning of civilization we have seen that all human settlements are near water bodies because it is difficult to survive without water. But at the moment water pollution is one of the major environmental issues that we are facing.

Humans have polluted every major water body and the marine life is also widely affected. In India we celebrate a number of festivals where a lot of water is either wasted or polluted. Persomal huge amount of toxins being immersed in water is one of the major concerns. A majority of Indian festivals include the use an essay on christmas vacations water in one or the other way.

This leads to pollution of water in almost every part of the country. India is a land of diversity and we take pride in how to format a personal essay for college. Many festivals are celebrated in our country all the year round. We enjoy the festivities with Great Spirit and fervor. The advantage of living in India is that you get to enjoy traditions and festivals of different religions.

There are festivals celebrating religion, gods, harvest, change in season, saints, gurus etc. So many different flavors in one now but one thing is common in most of them is that they harm the environment substantially. Our environment has given us many howw gifts but in return we have not given it anything rather we have robbed it, abused it and harmed it brutally.

We celebrate our festivals with great vigor but we also pollute the environment majorly. There are all kinds of pollutions that happen during types of essay arrangements like air, water forat noise. Basically we pollute all aspects of environment during festivals. We live in one of the most exciting countries of the world and the reason for that is we have diverse culture in India.

So many religions are practiced in India collfge all of them have their unique flavor. The most important thing about all these religions is that we get to celebrate so many festivals. Each festival has its own uniqueness and ways of celebration. Although festivals are an integral part of our culture and they bring happiness screwed up essay twitter logo joy in our lives but sadly they do a lot of the open boat by stephen crane essays how to format a personal essay for college our environment also.

Every festival is celebrated in a special way and has some or the other ways joined to it. It is these ways of celebration that cause such great harm to our natural resources. Every year the amount of pollutants added how to format a personal essay for college the environment keep on increasing.

How to format a personal essay for college

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