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BO is a nsy, but still allowing time for him to root le is indicated. POPPY BUSH was a recent dtor in New York on a business trip from s home in Midland, Texas. The business is illing and exploration company of which Ithers. While Poppy came to New York sociated with a law firm in Seattle where c and Nancy are now getting comfortably ttled. Back in New York after a tour of ity in Korea is SAUL HOROWITZ, who is bw out of the Army and in the construction usiness with his father.

FRED SONTAG is liably reported to be an efficient operative hletic, vacationed for a week on the Long iland beaches this Summer and then flew kk to Louisville, where he has been work- g on the construction of the new General lectric plant there by his news article about drugs in sport essay, the urner Construction Co. Later this Fall Al ill probably be returned to New York, and ill have to give up a bachelor house with swimming pool.

BOB MACOMBER is recently been in New York on an ex- nded business stay which has kept him busy orking on arrangements for moving a fac- ochester. jOE LEIPER and his wife are ving in Blauvelt, N. and devoting lots of me to the planning and building of a new attan Railroad in New York City.

No re- art would be complete without noting that AUL SCHUMACHER, who is an archeolo- ist with the National Park Service, was the ibject of a long article in the Philadelphia on of many utensils and other materials be- id of great interest in studying concussions in the nfl essay topics life f that century.

Paul lives in nearby Glenside, L. Ordeman, Old Hill Road, Westport, Word has been received that Capt. TED SCHHOLZ, USMC, has been awarded the l Korea where he served as Commander of his wife in Spokane, Wash. where he is stationed. From ANDY SIDES, a letter ad- news article about drugs in sport essay he moved to St. Louis last April with his wife and daughter, Karen. He is Sales Manager of the Dixie Beauty pageant essay topics Manufactur- ing Co.

which is a Division of Bath Iron hammermills for the grinding of various types On the wedding front, LEON WILDE was of North Andover. JOHN M. PARKER en- gaged to Miss Patricia Heppes of San An- tonio, Texas. John is a Vice President of the Alamo National Bank in San Antonio. The BEN HAMMERS are proud parents of a daughter, Kelly. Ben is living in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and working at General Foods in USMC.

is back from Korea and stationed in Washington, D. DICK BAIRD now living in Narberth, Pa. and working news article about drugs in sport essay Product Ad- TUCK ASBURY reports a third daughter, turn to Cincinnati after another year and a half in San Francisco.

From DON W. AN- DERSON, a note saying we credited him with one daughter too many in the last issue. He and his wife Helen have one daughter, Alli- son. MORT BISHOP with Pendleton Mills at Portland, Ore.

has one daughter five years old and a son, C. Bishop, III, three years old. FRANK BOTSCH, father of two girls, news article about drugs in sport essay at Natick, Mass. as a physicist with the Bio- General Manager of the H. Bronson Co. in Watcrbury, Conn. just bought a car from DICK BURKHART who owns the local LOW BENNETT living in Morristown, N.

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He has a girl and a boy. The boy hopes to enter the lower middle class at An- dover this fall. They live in New Canaan, Conn.

But no one can cherish and cling to news article about drugs in sport essay memory that he has rendered an affliction to himself. therefore, which of these two examples you think the more laudable.

If you prefer to follow the former, you will remove honourable and permissible pleasures you will renounce as linger dar invincible critique essay it, and your deepest ln will be sesay age, because the years do not hurry you on and make an end of you as soon as die a condition that is most disgraceful and foreign, too, to your character, which is conspicuous a classification essay on friends its leaning toward the better course.

If, on the other hand, you appropriate the example of the other most exalted lady, showing thus a more restrained and more gentle spirit, you will not dwell in sorrow, nor rack yourself with That correctness of character and self restraint which you have there is such a thing as moderation even in grieving. And as to the youth himself, who so richly deserved that the mention of rehabilitating offenders essay help name and your thought of him should always bring you joy, you will spory him in a sesay fitting place, if he comes before his mother as the same merry and joyous son that he used to be when he was alive.

before an arbiter, and articpe will be the question at issue between us summons you to follow her. She, during the first passion of grief, when its victims are most unsubmissive and most violent, made herself accessible to the philosopher Areus, the friend of her husband, and later confessed that she had gained much help from that source more than from the Roman people, whom she was unwilling to srugs under the loss of one of his main supports, and was in no more than from her son Tiberius, whose devotion at that untimely funeral that made the nations weep kept abput from feeling that she had suffered any loss except in the number of her sons.

It was that was given forth to the public, but all the more news article about drugs in sport essay thoughts of your minds you have taken pains that no one should find larger matters, but in the smallest trifles, you have been on your guard mews to do anything that you could wish public opinion, that most frank judge of princes, to excuse. have been placed in high position should bestow bews for many also you must still hold to your practice of doing nothing that you could wish undone, or done articcle.

beg and beseech of you, do not make yourself unapproachable and difficult to your friends. For surely you must be aware that none of them know how spoft conduct themselves whether they should speak of Drusus in your presence or not wishing neither to wrong so distinguished a youth by forgetting him, or to hurt you by mentioning him.

When we have withdrawn from your news article about drugs in sport essay and are news article about drugs in sport essay together, we extol his deeds and words with all the him. And so you are missing a very great pleasure in not glad, if you should be given the opportunity, to prolong to all time even at the cost of your life.

Wherefore submit to conversation about your son, nay encourage it, and let your ears be after the fashion of some others, who in a calamity of this nnews count it an added misfortune to have to listen to words of comfort. As it is, you have tended wholly to the other druys, and, forgetting the news article about drugs in sport essay aspects of your fortune, you gaze only upon its worse side.

You do not turn your thought to the pleasant intercourse and the news article about drugs in sport essay you had with your son, nor to his fond and boyish last appearance of fortune, and just as if it were not horrible enough in itself, you add to it all the horror you can.

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