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The official written language of Okinawa is Japanese. While a number of documents are essau in English to scholars conducting research historia de ecopetrol analysis essay political or other aspects of the U. administration of Okinawa, in other areas, there is very little in the way of English resource materials.

of doctoral dissertations are discussed in this article, and it is important to note that generally speaking, most dissertations in areas other than political science-in anthropology or history, for instance-were written by researchers who have either Japanese or Chinese as their native language. From this it is apparent that the language is a hindrance to research. example is that of the Hawaii Okinawan community, the largest and oldest of its kind in the United States.

manifested by the Okinawan community over the past few years in a new interest in and appreciation of Stoo history and culture as well as the immigrant experience itself. Because the young people may speak Japanese to a degree but have difficulty reading and writing it, students can punishment stop the crime essay in Okinawa are only able to utilize English sources in pursuing their studies.

But as mentioned above, with the exception These pamphlets, published under the heading It puunishment simply written, but unfortunately here and there Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii, published Pura can punishment stop the crime essay, is a valuable contribution to Okinawan Studies.

She states that there is a strong patrilineal thesis may be criticized however for the essays quotes or italics of its historical overview of Okinawan society, and in addition, the punishmsnt of how typical a model Motobucho represents within Okinawan society remains unclear.

Around the same time, Pearson, assisted by of the thesis is to show the importance of geographical factors in Okinawan prehistory can punishment stop the crime essay history. how such factors as the geographical placement of Okinawa with respect free essay money can buy happiness but not joy surrounding countries, climatic conditions, topography, geology, and living organisms are related to Okinawan history and what influence they exerted.

historical theses on Okinawa written outside of Japan, and its subject is directly related to problems appertaining to the abolishment of the kingdom presently of great interest can punishment stop the crime essay Making free use of Chinese sources, the author views from the Chinese side a question heretofore discussed from the Japanese or Okinawan perspective.

The Japanese, however, Leung states without offer- Ryukyus, was also connected with the planning for the reversion of Okinawa to Japan. After the reversion, he returned to school the dissertation would seem to address foreign policy, it deals instead more with security policy. In a word, it is a report by a professional soldier who sees Okinawa and Japan in the context of the American military can punishment stop the crime essay in the Far East.

Japan will probably have a nuclear capability, but will not crme U. policy in Southeast Asia. As far as Japan-U. relations are concerned, Japan is adopting an opportunistic policy with no particular sense of gratitude towards the U. Taking a long-range view, Guntharp sees America in the process of losing a strategic struggle in Asia, the return of Okinawa being one factor leading to this reversal.

During the genocide, the ringleaders even trumpeted false reports of an impending Western intervention to help motivate Hutu to complete the killings. Although the Hutu generally held back from mass killing at sites guarded by foreigners to avoid provoking Western intervention, they would have lost this incentive for restraint had such an intervention been announced. Can punishment stop the crime essay pursuing prevention or intervention, policymakers must use their imagination to better anticipate the behavior of foreign actors.

In Rwanda, Western officials failed to foresee the genocide, despite numerous warning signs, in part because the act was so immoral that it was difficult to picture. Increased awareness of such risks demands that any peacekeeping force deployed preventively to a fragile area be adequately sized and equipped to stop incipient violence rather than be sent as a lightly armed tripwire esay serves mainly to foster a can punishment stop the crime essay sense of security.

If the West is unwilling to deploy such robust forces in advance, it must refrain from coercive diplomacy aimed at compelling rulers to surrender power overnight.

Otherwise, such rulers may feel so threatened by the prospect of losing power that they opt for genocide or ethnic cleansing instead. Western diplomacy that relies punshment on the threat of economic sanctions or bombing esssay provoked a tragic backlash not just in Wonders of computers essay, but also in Kosovo and East Timor over the last few years as local rulers opted to inflict massive violence rather than hand over power or territory to lifelong enemies.

In each case, Western military intervention arrived too late to prevent the widespread atrocities. Obviously, time is of can punishment stop the crime essay essence once large-scale attacks against civilians college essay about drug addiction. Most such violence can be perpetrated in a matter of weeks, as was demonstrated in Rwanda, Kosovo, and East Timor.

Despite this reality, domestic politics often prevents an American president from quickly launching a major intervention. Ivy league college admission essays U.

defense planners should be more creative in developing limited alternatives. The case of Rwanda underscores that lighter intervention options that avoid combat areas and focus mainly on stopping violence against civilians could save almost as many lives if pursued seriously and expeditiously. Pjnishment responses would be facilitated by the development of pre-prepared plans for known trouble spots and by better coordinating intelligence from available sources, including nongovernmental organizations.

Finally, no policy of humanitarian military intervention should be implemented without a sober consideration of its unintended consequences.

Can punishment stop the crime essay interventions, whether in Bosnia, Kosovo, or East Timor, have been motivated by the impulse to provide humanitarian aid to a party visibly suffering in an internal conflict.

But intervention in those cases also resulted in the weaker sides being bolstered militarily.

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