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Each account is annotated with what was reportedly seen and the medium. References to the early vision accounts appear in reporf works cited below. All rights reserved. Used with how to write a court report essay by MormonThink. This material is available for personal use only and may not be copied, reproduced, shared oodgeroo noonuccal no more boomerang essay scholarships disseminated in any manner, electronic or otherwise, without the express written permission bow the author.

The author can be contacted at The First Vision The Joseph Smith Story by Jim Whitefield Jim Whitefield, author of the very popular series,has provided this insightful essay on the First Vision from his book series. This is clearly a parody of the angel-Moroni-dream story and the golden treasure, and not the God-and-Jesus First Vision story. The Church included reportt section on the First Vision in the topical guide of the LDS. org website discussing just one problem of the First Vision, the various accounts of the First Vision.

Interview with two LDS Apostles and Steve Benson Oaks and Maxwell replied that it was possibly left out because it had already how to write a court report essay published in The Doctrine and Covenants as an example of an offering of hope for mercy. If William Smith and Oliver Cowdery give confusing accounts of the first vision, we must remember that the Prophet knew from the first that those men were not to be trusted with too much information.

Response to Hugh Nibley Smith never hinted that the first vision was too sacred to be kept secret and Nibley knew it. He offers no valid data to support his unsupported speculation. Since there was no correct church currently on the earth, and since Joseph had not yet officially established the LDS Church, maybe he wanted to be affiliated with some How to write a court report essay organization. Joseph may have wanted wrjte fellowship with members of the Methodist Church while not really accepting their doctrine.

He was a member only briefly. First Vision as Teaching Tool Defining God and Jesus as Separate, Anthropomorphic Beings. A fundamental Mormon doctrine is that the first vision established how to write a court report essay certain that God the Father and Jesus were separate beings.

It does not fit how to write a court report essay, that Smith would leave this important fact out of his first story, and dictate how to write a court report essay fundamental fact to one scribe but not to another one.

When missionaries teach investigators the first vision story, they are unaware of the contradictions and so are investigators unless they fact check.

The grandest, most impressive founding event of the LDS church ought to be clear, consistent and easier to defend. Instead the story and apologetic attempt to defend it is riddled with contradictions and holes.

These only raise more serious questions. Read this paper to learn a number of relevant facts about how these names occurred in the ancient scriptures according to modern day scholars. This website has a historical recap of the Ending rrport by critics There are so many questions and problems surrounding Smith and his various stories about a first vision.

While such memories are common to us all, we are seldom confronted with a question about the accuracy of couet recollections, simply because it is generally assumed that our memories of such events are accurate. The dramatic re-telling likely disarms our normal skepticism, and we mistakenly assume that something so vivid is not likely to have been invented.

There is also wide latitude for exaggeration or invention of narratives that serve the purpose of binding families, groups, and communities together. Tom D. thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yet we know that many if not most scriptural encounters with Deity have involved the glory of God being placed on the human, or transfiguring them for a short time, so they can bear the presence of God. There is value in both the immediate recording of events as well as later retelling from memory which is usually accompanied and accentuated by perspective.

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In what was essentially a team victory it is unfair to single out individual names. But it would be an injustice not to give credit to arite Sigal, who gave as fine a demonstration of two-way football as has been seen in this long series.

Herman Hoeksema, or attacked him and his views, God gave us the foremost publisher of Reformed heritage to publish his works. God moved his heart and mind to open how to write a court report essay door to the world of publications. And so, congratulations, Mr. Eerdmans, in finishing the publication of the most valuable set of commentaries on the Heidelberger. May God repay you for what you reprot done for the Reformed Churches in the United States. The friendship between Rev.

Hoeksema and me dates from the days we were together at Calvin. We differ, but our honest differences have never broken our friendship. Ckurt the spirit of mutual esteem and respect we both proceeded. though with many failures and shortcomings.

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