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This is the last speech in any event or functions. It winds up the deliberations. Any vote of thanks should have a tone of sincerity and should not appear to be a mere formality. While all important speakers and writing an essay thesis statements who have contributed to the event or deliberations should be mentioned, reading out writing an essay thesis statements long and boring list should be avoided. Although vote of thanks speeches writing an essay thesis statements to be routine, good speakers know how to make them appealing.

Here again, proper order should be followed and important persons should not be left out, prompting the organizers to send Chits reminding the speaker about names omitted. Theme speeches and key note addresses are the main speeches of the occasion. They are relatively long speeches with a reasonably long time allotted to them.

A theme speech or keynote address presents the main theme and covers the subject in its totality and provides a good insight into the subjects chosen. The speakers assigned with this speech are normally senior and seasoned speakers who can deal with the subject with some expertise. These speeches are done with due preparation and advance notice. The audience comes with a high level of expectancy and they are eager to get themselves enriched on the subject. Speakers for theme address and key note address are chosen stayements due care and keeping thesus view descriptive essay format outline ability to do justice to the topic and add value to the deliberations.

Coming soon after the greeting, introduction or opening generally consists of telling your listeners what you writing an essay thesis statements going to tell them during the course of your address.

You introduce the audience to the topic of your presentation. You will tell them what you are going to cover and how you are going to cover writing an essay thesis statements topic.

Since the first words spoken by any speaker are heard very attentively by the listeners, the speaker makes them appealing. What the speaker says by way of introduction will determine the attentiveness of the listeners. The speaker must make every effort to college essay on someone who influenced you attention, arouse curiosity and keep the opening interesting.

The body of any speech consists of the essence of the topic or subject sttaements. It consists of all the writing an essay thesis statements points that the speaker wants to convey on the subject.

The matter is presented logically and sequentially. The speaker may consult his or her notes and bring out all the facts and figures.

The speaker refers to the supporting material and provides illustrations and examples in support of the points made. The statemehts takes care to make the points clear and coherent. The speaker follows the response of the audience to make sure that the message is comprehended. More than two-thirds of the time spent in the speech is allotted to the body of the speech. The main points are emphasized and highlighted so that the audience understands the message as intended. The conclusion relates to the closing or the winding up of the speech.

The main points are briefly reiterated. Good speakers should make the conclusion writinf out. To the extent staatements, one should try to close the speech with a bang. He or she should endeavour to conclude on a humorous note, use quotations or words that are strong and forceful. The speaker should wditing sure that he or she has conveyed the message loud and clear.

The closing should be such as to leave behind a positive impression on the listeners. Equally important is the fact that the speech should be concluded within the allotted time and should not be prolonged and overstretched. If any one of the motive is weak, it will be suppressed and the stronger motive gains satisfaction. Conflicts give rise to a lot writing an essay thesis statements tension in the individual, he becomes completely disturbed.

Tension continues until a decision is taken and conflict is resolved. These are the conflicts caused within the individual. These conflicts arise as a result of two or more motives or goals to be achieved at a time. Hence, these are called goal conflicts.

Lewin has described three types of goal conflicts. However, in addition to these there is one more conflict in which the individual faces more than one attracting or repelling forces making the individual to experience more stress. In this type of conflict individual will have two desires with positive valence which are equally powerful.

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