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If the West is unwilling to deploy such affsirs forces in advance, it must refrain from world affairs council seattle essay contest for maine diplomacy aimed at compelling rulers to surrender power overnight. Otherwise, such rulers may feel so threatened by the prospect of losing power that they opt for genocide or ethnic cleansing instead.

Western diplomacy that relies mainly on the threat of economic sanctions or bombing has provoked a tragic backlash not world affairs council seattle essay contest for maine in Rwanda, but also in Kosovo and East Timor over the last few years as local rulers opted to inflict massive violence rather than hand over power or territory to lifelong enemies. In each case, Western military intervention arrived too late to prevent the widespread atrocities.

Obviously, time is of the essence once large-scale contewt against civilians begin. Most such violence can be perpetrated in a matter of weeks, as was demonstrated in Rwanda, Kosovo, and East Timor.

Despite this reality, wodld politics often prevents an American president from quickly launching a major intervention. Thus U. defense planners should be more creative in developing limited alternatives. The case of Rwanda underscores that essya intervention options that avoid combat areas and focus mainly on stopping violence against civilians could save almost as many lives if pursued seriously and expeditiously.

Rapid responses would be facilitated essya the development of pre-prepared plans for known trouble spots and by better coordinating intelligence from available sources, world affairs council seattle essay contest for maine nongovernmental organizations.

Finally, no policy of humanitarian military intervention should be implemented world affairs council seattle essay contest for maine a sober consideration of its unintended consequences. Recent interventions, whether in Bosnia, Kosovo, or East Timor, have been motivated by the impulse to provide humanitarian aid to a party visibly suffering in an internal conflict. But intervention nonverbal communication essay conclusion template those cases also resulted in the weaker sides being bolstered militarily.

This pattern creates affxirs incentives for weaker parties in such conflicts to reject compromise and escalate fighting because they expect foreign intervention or hope to attract it. The result worlc often tragedy, as intervention arrives too little or mqine late to protect civilians. Thus a policy of intervening to relieve humanitarian emergencies that stem from internal conflicts may actually increase the number and extent of such emergencies a classic instance of moral hazard.

Inevitably, decisions on whether and how to intervene in specific cases will be caught up in politics. But this challenge should not deter hard thinking on when and how such intervention can be most beneficial or detrimental. If Rwanda demonstrates nothing else, it is that thousands of good sat essay scores are at stake in such decisions.

World affairs council seattle essay contest for maine -

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World affairs council seattle essay contest for maine -

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