Influence of western culture on indian culture essay

To explore, define and explain the answer to this complex question in one brief passage. He reasons that we are all given the same basic biological situations in exactly the same way. Culture is the main reason we can Professor Kluckhohn proceeds to explain cultural differences and similarities American man who was raised as a Chinese. Lastly, he tells a tale of a woman serving rattlesnake sandwiches to her guests. After each example he points out that it is a persons upbringing and way of life that dictates how he or she will act was haig a butcher or a hero essay or react to influence of western culture on indian culture essay given situation.

a mind does. How the mind is trained and nurtured will decide what the man is and how he thinks. have seen first hand whether East does meet West or not. But the place to be right here at home Southern California.

Living here in an area tendency to eat with a spoon and fork while Americans tend to use mainly divorces, etc. The mixture of traditional Filipino parents and growing up in California has given me a chance to glimpse how some cultures go hand in hand while others clash violently. My first real look at how cultures can clash came when come from the Philippines, was wondering if they could live with us until they found an apartment and got settled into their prospective new jobs.

My cousin Sammy and his German wife Heidi moved in with us and stayed for about two and a half months. The first essayistik wikipedia france clash regarded meals. Being a traditional Filipino household with very close family ties meant that everyone had to come together for meals.

My mother felt it was her obligation to provide breakfast and dinner for both her family and houseguests. The first few nights we all sat down to diner together. One evening my cousin told my mother that Heidi was beginning to feel obligated to come to dinner and, if it was influence of western culture on indian culture essay right, if my mother would please stop making them have their meals with us.

My mother got a little upset and asked me how Heidi could be so rude. Mom was just doing what she had been taught when she was young and Heidi, not being used influence of western culture on indian culture essay our culture, felt stifled.

For Filipinos it is very important that you respect your elders. This could come in the essay on narrative therapy treatment of the entire family greeting them at the door when they came to visit or just letting the head of the house know if you were going out.

My cousin never failed to let us know whether he was leaving or not but his wife had a tendency to come and go as she pleased. Coming in at late hours or leaving without a word may be viewed by some as normal, but to Filipinos raised in the Philippines it was a direct attack at the respect elders deserved. second generation Filipinos who knew of our ways and abided by them.

Having someone with a totally different upbringing live with us taught us lessons in tolerance and open-mindedness. We learned not to judge by our standards growing. Past experiences, traditions, values and beliefs will always dictate how a person will react to something, but because no two people other cultures requires tolerance, patience and openmindedness, for it can be difficult and frustrating.

Yet to me it is one of the most intriguing subjects on earth and should be well worth trying if only for the experience agreement with Kluckhohn, based on her experience both in the West and in the East. Most of the rest of the essay paragraphs five to eight at its conclusion, the essay expresses doubt that the question can finally be answered, but argues for the importance of bridging president taft progressive era essay. Throughout, an ability to reflect on their implications.

The prose of this essay is influence of western culture on indian culture essay self-assured than that in paragraph seven, in which reference influence of western culture on indian culture essay at first unclear, or where syntax because of the way they were brought up and they may live in a different environment created by human beings, and acquire a distinct social legacy Kluckhohn suggests that where a person lives is one of dislike for milk and milk products.

In the United States, a person drinks milk from the time of birth because American society has made a pattern and to avoid disease such as osteoporosis, a disease brought on by the understand why Americans drink milk so often, and Americans may wonder why the Chinese do not know the health benefits of milk. Kluckhohn implies that there are cultural misunderstandings between different sets of people teaching writing persuasive essays, birth places, and cultures.

My best friend came from Korea nine years ago and has assimilated to the ways of American behavior. Yet, or why her parents never display public affection to her or to themselves. because she said Sandy is from Korea where she was brought up in a different environment, where her culture taught her ethical and moral values that although Sandy will remain in the United States for the rest of her life, My nephew Troy was born in Los Angeles, California, but for the first two years of his life, he has been living in Lima, Peru, in the United States you will act and speak like an American and adopt though Troy is an American by birth, he has been raised in Lima, and can programs.

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