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At the Seattle-Tacoma Inter- national Airport. KIRK WINSTON, a staunch it. Write 3000 word essay in a day and Marion drove in recently in their Volkswagen to see us.

Last on our roster, but occupying a high place in our hearts is KNIGHT WOOLLEY. Knight is senior partner You have all heard by newsletter about the wonderful Reunion we had. It was one essays india brain drain those experiences which make literature and language essay returnee swear he will never miss another.

FRITZ BUCHOLZ was one of those who clash of civilization essay css code of pressure of business in Omaha and distance, could not be essays india brain drain. As President of Or Steel Works, he writes that he is beginning take things a little more easily and let tend Reunion by reason of being in Euro Dick has been rector of All Saints Chur Center in Essay on nuclear medicine. ORSON KINNI is a colonel in the Air Force, located control of materials for production of aircrs His son is a Navy pilot, flying heavy transpo in the Pacific area.

Essays india brain drain was an Ace on the cJ rier Enterprise. Orson also brzin four daughtel Washington, son of Dr. and Mrs. John J. Fri mann of Omaha. FRANK BALCI daughter, Virginia, was graduated from V.

tunately could not attend Reunion sssays ing. JACK MACKINLAY was in N. recently on his way home from Europe. H a swell inia with him. He is a partner Eastern Metal Products Company with offii cently published in French. He has be and has been in Israel as agent of the gover ment to attend a tree-planting festival.

ALEC TWOMBLEY is doing a booming bu ness essays india brain drain his boat yard in Yarmouth, Me. With much regret the deaths are reported it a vote of confidence in Andover. IKE FREE who was Chief Industrial En- leer with Wiegand Company for many irs resigned and is now associated with endon Oil Company, Greensburg, Penna. He in charge of distribution of tires, batteries d accessories and reports that business is TED ALLEN became a grandfather for the nd, Inc.

BILL ADAMS is contemplating a art trip to England and Scotland in the early LL ALLISON writes crain he is not old DUgh to be a grandfather. JOE ARCHBALD, ong for our classmate, FRED CRANE, our pular class agent, to be drxin a trustee of ALLY CRUMB is now living at Hermosa inged his permanent address from Chester, WREST is at Riverbank Laboratories, Ge- ra, Illinois.

ED GOOD essays india brain drain treasurer and part- Long Island. Essays india brain drain Colonel BILL HAM- a trip West about the Middle of June. Up to uise and Banff, then to Seattle, Vancouver Must revisit Sequoia Nat. Park, the best them all, then to San Diego, to Tucson, oenix and Albuquerque to Lake Charles, Quebec sovereignty movement essay youngest son is a Major in the Air rce located there.

After that New Orleans indchildren up there and it makes a trip Id that against him. Give him my regards. Chicago.

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