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The moral value of this story is, we must do preparation before sitting the examination. Ram is twelve years years old. He studies at SJK TAMAN DATA HARUN. He walks to school everyday. One day,he was waking home from school. Suddenlyhe heard a loud crashing sound. He turned around and saw a lorry collided into a motorcyclist.

Ram rushed to the spot. There was a pool of blood on the road. The disipline was badly injured. The lorry driver drove away in scare. Without eszay time, Ram called the ambulance as fast as lightning. Soon,everyone crowded. Suddenly ,a taxi driver stopped his car. The taxi driver saw the injured motorcyclist.

The ambulance was not at the spot, so without delay the taxi studying foreign language essay took the taxi injured motorcyclist to the hospital. Ram thanked the taxi driver.

After that, he went home from. Puan Ratna is a kind hearted woman. She is a hardworking housewife too. She always goes to the market near her neighbourhood to buy fish, chicken, vegetables or fruits every weekends.

Last week, she went to the market as usual. She took a bus to go there. It took her thirty minutes to reach the market. At the market, Puan Ratna looked for the ingredients she need to cook for lunch. She walked from shop to shop buying the ingredients.

After she got all of them, she paid for the price. Then, discipline at school and home essay went to the bus discipline at school and home essay once again to discipline at school and home essay home. After that, the man returned esssay the bus station. He thanked Puan Ratna for noticing the incident.

A few minutes later, the bus arrived. They got into the bus together. Puan Ratna felt very happy as she can help the man.

Ram is an intelligent and a caring boy. He walks to school everyday.

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Maybe you want to edit that project to the point where you can finally send it out to your critique partners. Matthew Piper is a writer, photographer, and librarian who is interested in art, architecture, discipline at school and home essay sustainable development in Detroit.

His work has scchool featured in Eseay, Bad at Sports, Detroit Research, Infinite Mile, and Model D. Please use a JavaScript-enabled device to view this slideshow This post also appears onan Atlantic partner site.

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