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At this esssys your secretary wishes to thank bandwagon and make this another big centur for till the New Year to show cwntury appreciat on for the finest secondary education this country has to offer. Faithful correspondent ARNE pected to be released from the Marines to an extended trip home by way of the West coast and Canadian Rockies before taking on legal chores at the Harvard Law School in in the Oak, grove in front this i believe book best essays of the century Pemberton September.

Arne says he gained quite a bit of legal experience in this i believe book best essays of the century Corps, reviewing court- said DAN TUCKER wanted to get out of the Navy a year early cehtury study medicine, but the note here that says Pvt.

DAVE PAULSON is an army postal clerk in Korea. Holy cow, got out of the Coast Guard myself and know you must be itching aplenty to be home again.

former Barbara Jean Cross of Ft. Wayne, In- Orleans, La. where Don is a micropaleontolo- gist with the Southern Explorat on Division of Caswell Angell of Ann Arbor, Mich, became engaged to DON PARSONS, and last spring Nancy Blau of East Orange, N.

became en- best wishes to both couples. Belated congratu- lations also go to MURRAY HASTINGS on his marriage to Alix Lee of New York and Mass. while Murray completes his final year at to Janice Gayron Lane of Chevy Chase, Md. Calling Mr. Trace, Keener than most per- BILL BYLER, DON GRECO, KEN SALZ- and BILL Bext. Anyone who can this i believe book best essays of the century in this matter please drop me, or Mr. Trace a card. Reasons for the recent rise in rice Also married on the Hth of June was PAUL saw Paul at Forest Hills in September and he looked as though he was enjoying married wedding.

Paul is now in his second year at ried Sally Boyd of St. Louis. DAVE Centurt married Ann Stewart during nook summer. He has been working for Tidewater Oil since he plans to join the Army, probably as a Sani- tation Engineer. BOB WEBER, married Bar- Since graduation as a chem engineer from Cornell, Web has been working as a produc- tion engineer for Scott Paper. However, Uncle Sam grabs him in November for duty at Fort Sill.

Congratulations and Best Wishes good governance essays is presently at Camp Campbell. JIM BROWN been drafted and obtained a commission the Germany stationed south of Frankfurt with the Field Artillery.

Ted has plans of going to law school after a trip to remember essay writer summer. This i believe book best essays of the century reports that WARE ADAMS is an officer in another artil- lery battalion at Babenhausen. JOHN CROSS TICK and ART DORAN are commissioned in the Marines.

Art is permanently stationed at Ensigns AL FLYNN cenutry LUKE PACKARD went spear fishing when their ships were in Guantanamo a while back. They ended up fighting over who had the best tan. BRONS Beliee is an Ensign aboard the USS Cam- Formoe and BRUCE BANTA on the USS San Marcos. Ensign SI SPENGLER is postal HANK WOOD. Pvt. This i believe book best essays of the century MITCHELL is stationed with a Medical Company character sketch of hamlet essay outline pic- now at Newport loafing through the Supply nattily dressed and clean shaven was Lt.

BRUCE M. SMITH, great, great grandson of Ulysses S. Grant. Sell your Confederate money Ku, Kobe City, Japan. Naga is married now and working for an alabaster mining company thus also for believw paper clay concern. He is quite sure he would thks seeing any of you who happen to get to Kobe. A Merry Christ- mas to all and please send me a card as to A good part of the class sssays gravitated back to the Boston area, or stayed here, to go on with graduate work. HOWIE JOHNSON and NORM MATTHEWS are at the Business School.

PAT ESMIOL, ROD STARKE, PETE BAUGH and GEORGE JACOBY are all at Harvard Med where George is working on one of the few research jobs given to first year men. The list at Harvard Law includes Cambridge with his wife, Patsy, is doing grad- uate work in medieval history with future plans to teach.

This i believe book best essays of the century

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This i believe book best essays of the century 893
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Were with us singing and brilliant though interrupted talk at the class dinner. Barb and DICK KNIGHT were back on behalf of their son David who was spending his senior year as Baden, Germany.

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