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Christian v. Mering, EMBL Heidelberg Prof. Patrick Cramer, Gene Center, University of Munich Prof. Stefan Schuster, Faculty of Biology and Personal essay on volunteering, Jena University A major challenge in biology is to clarify the relationship between structure and function in complex intracellular networks.

Topics of current interest include robustness, optimality and biotechnological relevance of living cells and organisms. Metabolic pathway analysis have recently attracted much interest, partly because they only require network topology.

A central concept in this analysis is that of elementary flux 50 word essay about the importance of english language. It is shown that elementary modes are well-suited for determining routes enabling maximum yields of bioconversions and for analysing redundancy and robustness properties of living cells. Another application is the assessment of the impact of enzyme deficiencies in medicine. Prof. Ross King, University of Wales, Filipino resilience essay The question of whether it is possible to automate the scientific process is of both great theoretical interest and increasing practical importance because, in many scientific areas, data are being generated much faster than they can be effectively analysed.

We describe a physically implemented robotic system that applies techniques from artificial intelligence to carry out cycles of scientific experimentation. The system automatically originates hypotheses to explain observations, devises experiments to test these hypotheses, competitiveness in business essay sample runs the experiments using a laboratory robot, interprets the results to falsify hypotheses inconsistent with the data, and then repeats the cycle.

Carbohydrates are probably the most seriously neglected class of biomolecules. They encode biological information just as nucleic acids importannce polypeptides do, however this information is less obvious to decode and even more complex due to the non-linear nature of polysaccharides.

In particular in cellular recognition they are known to play a crucial role. Over the last years, an increasing number of X-ray and NMR structures of sugar-protein complexes have not only shed light on the details of the protein-carbohydrate interaction, but made molecular modelling of these interactions tractable.

A wide range of 50 word essay about the importance of english language and pharmaceutical applications drive the current interest in modelling approaches. Understanding the sugar-protein interaction can give rise to new drugs against microbial infection, inflammatory diseases, or pharmaceutical technology to target specific cell types.

Eduardo R. Mendoza, Physics Department, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of 50 word essay about the importance of english language Languafe. Wolfgang Huber, Division of Molecular Genome Analysis, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg 50 word essay about the importance of english language derive a measure of expression and of differential expression that has comparable resolution across the ths dynamic range of expression.

Mathematically, eenglish can expressed baby judo frogessay terms of a variance stabilizing transformation. We present a statistical modelling approach that leads to a robust estimator for the transformation parameters.

At the same time, this permits the more precise estimation of between-array or between-dye normalization parameters. The development of powerful visualization tools is a major challenge in bioinformatics. Although many good special purpose viewers exit, there is a need for configurable meta-viewers that provide enough flexibility to support many different types of data and visualizations. Here we present CGViz, a new software tool that fulfils many of the requirements placed on such a configurable meta-viewer.

Prof. Yves Van de Peer, Ghent University Analysis of the genome sequence of Arabidopsis thaliana shows that its genome, like that of several engliwh eukaryotic genomes, has undergone large-scale gene or even entire genome duplications in its evolutionary past. However, the high frequency of gene loss after duplication events eng,ish colinearity and therefore the chance of finding duplicated regions that, to the extreme, no longer share homologous genes.

We have shown that heavily degenerated block duplications that can wlrd longer be recognized by essau comparing both segments due to differential gene loss, can still be detected through indirect comparison with other segments. When these so-called hidden duplications in Arabidopsis are taken into account, many homologous genomic regions can be found in five up to eight copies.

This strongly implies that Arabidopsis has undergone three, but probably not more, rounds of genome duplications. Prof. Robert Giegerich, Bielefeld University Dynamic programming is a well established technique of solving combinatorial optimization problems, widely used in bioinformatics.

The recently developed algebraic discipline of dynamic programming provides a perfect separation between the search space considered, and the objective of optimization. The former is described formally by a yield grammar, the latter by an evaluation algebra including the choice function. Such separation of concerns provides great flexibility, as various problems the same search space can be accomplished merely by a change of the algebra.

Typical challenges in the bioinformatical analysis of genomes in infectious diseases are illustrated and 50 word essay about the importance of english language. Prof. Douglas Brutlag, Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University Recently introduced technology to determine simultaneously the expression essay for university admission examples of large numbers of genes has created new challenges for the computational analysis of the resulting data.

This talk will discuss the different problems like data normalization, identification of differential genes, clustering and classification of expression profiles.

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