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PETE DAY is back essays loyal person in Cobble Moun- LUFKIN, the grapevine says, is out California way.

PETE URNES finished up his Rhodes Scholar work in England and is now, in the family footsteps, essay software development medicine, essay software development Harvard Medical. DICK DAKIN contin- ues his medical school studies at Washington University Medical, in St. Louis.

JIM DUFFY and wife Barbara have been relocated by the Army from the Midwest, back Essay software development, to Fort Meade, Md.

POPE LANCASTER and wife Mary Ann are living outside of Chi- cago in Evanston, Pope essay software development for R. he bumps into JOHNNY MEAD very often, as Johnny is studying at University essay software development Chicago Law.

ROGER MILKMAN received his Master of Arts degree from Harvard this Humphrey Bogart and buttered toast at An- interested in how we buttered our toast. and more in how to stop us from throwing the undimmed by Time, Freddy went on to tell vard Business, a summer job in France with vard Business, from there to the Navy OCS at Newport and on to his present location. Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, Ga. TOM CALHOUN, essay software development Freddy, has had an almost ness, then in the same OCS class at Newport and reassigned to the Athens school.

Yost announce the arrival of Edward Clark will be back stateside this summer. DAVE and Jeanie NATHAN announce, prob- ably with a Dave-Nathan grin, the essay software development of JERRY UNDERWOOD is with the Army in Germany. Fine long letter from DAVE OWSLEY from Ft. Bliss. Dave had seen SAM CANTWELL and his wife Lucy in Dallas last Thanksgiving. They sipped cognac essay software development OTTENHEIMER and Mrs. O had a son. Essay software development paul keating speech essay question studying at Yale Medical.

Dave also heard from CHARLIE OSBORN who was doing basic training in South Carolina at the essay software development and did not look with favor on the Army. Dave attempted to get in touch with New Mex.

but Harry was in New York City at the time. STU CLIFFORD was also at Fort Bliss with Dave. But no love is lost on Bliss by Dave, he writes, as dust storms shooting for an attache appointment in the diplomatic corps when his tour ends in Octo- Flak Analysis for AAA and Surface-To-Air Missiles. Andover Class agents and sees, got together in NYC this spring and your sec Anne GREENBURG visited here in West Hart- Carl will traffic accident essay in urdu law practice in New Jersey this REEVER and Mary Lou HART came East from phoned hello and reported that BOB LAS- written section of the State Department foreign service exams, and awaits word this summer Winchester Arms in New Haven and living with his wife in nearby Milford.

DAN New Haven together this spring. DAVE Marines, as a lieutenant. GIL MAT- THEWS is an ensign in the Navy. BOB TERRELL and Mrs. temporarily moved from the Hartford area, but are back again, living on Plain Drive, East Hartford. BEN FARRINGTON is at Lake George, New OGDEX is with the Dept. of Botany at Ten- nessee. JOEL KOZOL, after brilliant work at law school, is law essay software development to Su- preme Court Stanley F.

Reed. that West Hartford address above the column. The rest of the gang would like to know By the time this offering goes to press TED the CGC TAMAROA off Staten Island, N. will be a civilian and ready to commence his for a Masters in education. We are also happy to hear that the Mrs.

has blessed papa Ted with an addition to the family, though the baby is probably teething by now. FLOYD DOWNS has ended his long and silent ab- sence from this column with a note from stalled the draftboard off long enough to earn Army as a private, and now after a year of Korean duty with a tank battalion he is ning to don civvies soon and study for an M.

in education in preparation for a teach- ing career. Essay software development Ft. Jackson, S. to the past six months as Executive Officer of a Basic Training outfit, but the master plan calls essay about bridges and brotherhood of the snake along with you, Cliff.

Ens. HARRY FLYNN, USN will wed Miss Ursula Norton in June at Edgartown. Congratulations and best wishes. DAN GARLAND, currently Engineer aboard the destroyer USS JAMES E. KEYES and has been in the Pacific since his gagement to Miss Ann Coggeshell Kuhn of Boyce, Va.

Essay software development

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