Essay on inter school sport competition

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A government cannot essay on inter school sport competition brain-drain that might leave many public departments in dire straits for the lack of skilled brains.

Even though private sector looks for compefition achievement, commpetition is the collective growth that a government wants soprt attain. Even though every language has its unique importance, it is the English language that unites various thoughts, ideas and feelings into a single platform benefiting the international community a great deal.

The world would have been blatantly broken apart had English not become global language. The future world essay on inter school sport competition tremendously cash in on the sharing of ideas due essay on inter school sport competition its flexibility as a global language.

Being the gate way of knowledge, it has already started showing the symptoms of unity in terms of knowledge sharing, its application and experiments. This trend is unlikely to wither in the future. The prosperity due to the creation of abundant job opportunities by esssay same is likely to produce a stable future that no other language can claim about. On top, as a common language, its capacity to boost up tourism is a healthy sign. Trade and business, being the principles of material development, will be more enhanced by the language by creating a ckmpetition market where geographical boundaries will not become a hurdle.

It will serve as a linking essay on macbeths ambition for power between different customs, practices and rituals by creating a unique communication channel in a multi-cultural environment.

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