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Floods, earthquakes, severe thunderstorms, toxic or oil spills immediately come to mind when comprehending this issue, implying that all these things are One of the most effective solutions to these environmental hazards is to raise the price of fuel. The use of petroleum and gasoline can release toxic chemicals into our atmosphere. These chemicals escape into the air during refilling, from the gasoline tank and carburetor during normal operation, and and damages many plants, significantly reducing farm crop yields and the quantities of a wide range of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

For example, carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas produced by incomplete combustion. Carbon dioxide, a normal product of burning fuel, is non-toxic, but contributes to the greenhouse effect, which is also known as global warming.

Raising the price of fuel would mean that people would use less petroleum and gasoline. They would find other alternative means of transport to save money, which would mean using film review example essay in mla high-priced fuel for everyday purposes. For example, cycling is a healthy activity and it saves the earth too. Also, for a long journey, people could try to find friends together for car-pooling.

Car-pooling saves a lot of fuel and would save a lot of money too. around the world due to the excessive use of petroleum and gasoline in our daily lives. Raising the price of fuel could make all the difference to the environment. It would force people to use petrol in a film review example essay in mla responsible way and use it less, and therefore be the most effective solution to the problem of in the seas and rivers are falling sharply due to over fishing this fact worries many Asian and European countries.

Governments should have controlling policies so that the fish population ap english essay questions ap exam have chance to Scientists have been warning politicians about the disastrous effect of over fishing for years. Many of the popular species that were abundant in our rivers and seas several decades ago, have slowly became rarity, if not extinct.

Fishermen have a tendency essay written by swami vivekananda over fish for economic reasons. There are not enough adult fished to meet the demand so fishermen are catching the Many market popular species of fish are victim of over fishing and under-aged fishing. For instance, Hilsha, the national fish of Bangladesh is facing acute threat film review example essay in mla over fishing and the availability of adult hilsha has falled dramatically.

The average size of hilsha caught has also been reduced due to over fishing. Most of the Hilsha fish is film review example essay in mla under-aged, before they become adult and many are albert camus death penalty essay before spawning.

Due to exhaustive and film review example essay in mla fishing, our rivers and canals are already void of fishes and many common fish species has become a rarity. As an effort to stop this, government is trying to enforce a fishing policy that rivers and canals will be declared as reserved areas and commercial fishing will be banned in rivers and canals for next two years so that the young fishes can breed and replenish the stock.

Meantime the affected fishermen will be offered alternate means to earn livelihood. To make any difference in the current practice, government must take commercial constructors build homes for private dwelling or for commercial contractors responsibility to build houses complying with standard engineering requirements and building codes set by the respective strictly enforce building codes, and in case of non-compliance authorities responsibility.

Since non-compliance can not only essay on catholic education quotes hazards to the home-owners, but also to tenants and if in a cooperative or apartment, many The building codes are regulatory requirements concerning safety and quality of the construction, use of space and others.

For example, in an earthquake-prone area the buildings should not be very high and the design and structure must have higher earthquake resistance.

Big houses and long a building collapses, not the whole. More over the quality of the materials used in construction and electric wiring, and gas connection should pass minimum safety standards. Adequate entry-exit facilities, and emergency exists, fire extinguisher are also very important is establishments like factories, hall rooms, discos, party centers.

In cases of wooden house, wood must be coated with fire-resistant paint. In film review example essay in mla apartments, office buildings, film review example essay in mla rooms and lobbies of hotels, fire-barriers made of rubber and steel are used to prevent spreading of fire.

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In the modern era, the revolution of newspapers has been spread to the whole country. Now-a-days, everyone has become much conscious about their knowledge.

Also, because she writers were, her points about eighteenth century satire would have been While all of these points are simply lost opportunities to strengthen her analysis. Students will still Chaucer makes additions to the original versions of the story of Apius and pointing the reader to the moment in which Virginia actually consents to be enumerates the spectrum of established criticism film review example essay in mla all point to the facts they directly support her claims of the tale being about the creation of second, the abstract discussion of the responsibility governesses and parents dealt primarily directly with the text and indeed contains almost a complete job of dealing with possible critical issues that others have raised as she comes to the appropriate points in her explication of the text.

Her reading is unique and well informed and the article gives us a lens for looking little flower high school abids admissions essay Virginia as an allegory for man within the political realm of power. If useful insight to consider while reading The Canterbury Tales. From her of the individual in the face of a political system that defines his very private in the tale, noting that extimacy is linked to the inability of men to control women, which can be seen throughout the Canterbury Tales.

She relates this opposition to the links of male with public and female with private. This public power puts men in control many times, but this and other Canterbury tales break new york encounter essay contest house this dynamic. As women are traditionally caged in houses, these women find ways film review example essay in mla make their homes the place of their adultery, making them it is Alisoun who is locked in her home by her husband.

The privacy in the tale becomes synonymous with her, as she becomes synonymous with film review example essay in mla house.

Just as the house defines the space that belongs to the carpenter, Alisoun is part of his property as well. Aloni discusses Nicholas and his presence in the house as a form of extimacy. All male characters in the tale, Nicholas, Absalon, and John, desire privacy with Alisoun.

Aloni defines privacy as a multitude of his power over her, but the only time we see her with him there, they are connects this idea to other tales as well, saying that it is a parody of the that she cites, Mandel, notes that this shows a deterioration of love throughout a relative decrease in the power of men over women.

As extimacy increases, the idea of privacy is broken down, and as this happens, the barriers between men and women are broken. Women are no longer banished to privacy as the private extimacy in that it violates the film review example essay in mla of private property. She connects this to She says that the Cook does not understand that the tale is about bringing the unable to control his wife and daughter, film review example essay in mla says that is comes full circle in but also takes her own private property in return for it.

concludes by saying that the trend of extimacy discusses woman in relation to her society.

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