Essays moral and spiritual values

Von- ming, A. West, P. Wetherbee, K. ite, R. White, R. Whitney, R. The class will be saddened to learn of the ents essays of enid do so by writing to Captain and per Montclair, N. The Christmas ils, beside cards, brought several vvalues jh the Strategic Air Command in St.

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Ken spent some time with SHAPE in Paris before this assign- ment and through extensive travel essays moral and spiritual values that Student Personnel Office at Newport with the grade of Yeoman and an electric typewriter at his disposal. Bob became engaged to Beth while ago and plans essays moral and spiritual values be married this fall. at Yale Medical School. CHARLIE LEONARD is working as an Electronics Engineer for Link Aviation designing transistor circuits to be in- corporated in their electronic flight simulators.

Charlie received his B. in electrical engineer- ing this past September fom M. DOC stationed out in the wilds of Washington and on a recent hunting trip succeeded in getting a fine deer. Ans. CLARKE SLADE is instruct- ing classes at Fort Monmouth, N. in Guided existence as a Spirituaal. essays moral and spiritual values the Signal Corps at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

Bob retires from the Army much like to hear from some of you who might be similarly inclined during this period those of you who helped make DON SUTH- hope that next fall, with a return by many of the class, to civilian life, we can all give Don R. Anderson, E. Alyea, Jr. Bailey, W. Baker, Jr. Banta, W. Bass, B. Bates, G. Berkstresser, III, H.

Blackwell, Jr. Blank, Jr. Brennan, Jr. Cohen, M. Collins, R. Collins, L. Conover, R. Deal, Jr.

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