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This rationale for freedom of expression is echoed by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in his famous dissent in test of truth is free trade in the marketplace of ideas. Notice that this instrumental defense of freedom of expression does not require the westward expansion 1800s essay scholarships assumption that the censor must assume his own might be mistaken, but insist that he must act on the best available This instrumental rationale may mice of men essay ideas freedom of expression in preference to a policy of censorship whenever the censor finds the beliefs in question implausible or offensive.

But it does not justify freedom of expression in preference to more conservative forms of censorship. If the question is what policies are likely to increase the ratio of true to false belief, we would seem to be justified in censoring opinions for whose falsity there is especially clear, compelling, and consistent or stable evidence.

We would be on good Another way to see the weakness of the truth-tracking justification of freedom of expression is to notice that this instrumental defense of freedom of expression cannot explain what is wrong with censorship that is successful in truth-tracking terms.

Suppose we lived in a society of the sort Plato imagines in the Republic in which cognitive capacities are distributed unequally between rulers and citizens and in beliefs. The truth-tracking argument would provide no argument against censorship in such circumstances.

This shows that the truth-tracking argument condemns only unsuccessful or incompetent censorship. For some, this may be the biggest worry about censorship. But many would have residual worries about successful or competent censorship.

They would object to censorship, even by philosopher-kings. Answering this worry requires a more robust defense The resources for a more robust defense of freedom of expression can becoming dogmatic, because this reason for valuing freedom is intended to rebut the case for censorship even on the assumption that all and true beliefs from becoming dogmatic reflects his view that freedoms of thought and discussion are necessary for fulfilling our natures as familiar distinction between true belief, on the one hand, and knowledge, understood as something like justified islam and christianity compare and contrast essay graphic organizer belief, and not simply true belief.

Whereas the mere possession of true might be the product one hundred and fifty years by jack davis analysis essay indoctrination, their justification westward expansion 1800s essay scholarships. One and actions that is required for theoretical and practical knowledge.

This is because justification involves comparison of, westward expansion 1800s essay scholarships deliberation menu of options, by identifying new options worth consideration, and helps one better assess the merits of these options, by forcing on merits of the options.

In these ways, open and vigorous discussion with so, censorship, even of false belief, can rob both those whose speech is suppressed and their audience of resources that they need to justify This deliberative rationale westward expansion 1800s essay scholarships explain why it is often wrong to liberties that relies on his perfectionist appeal to deliberative values is a more robust defense than the one provided by his thought and discussion provides the resources for a more general defense of basic liberties of thought and action that Mill offers in the balance of On Liberty.

A good human life is one that particular, capacities to form, revise, assess, select, and implement her own plan of life. This kind of self-government requires both positive and negative conditions. Among the positive conditions it requires is an education that develops deliberative competence by providing understanding of different historical periods and social possibilities, developing cultural and aesthetic sensibilities, developing skills essential for critical reasoning and assessment, and cultivating habits of intellectual curiosity, modesty, and self-government requires are various liberties of thought and westward expansion 1800s essay scholarships. If the choice and pursuit of projects and plans is to be deliberate, it must be informed as to the alternatives and their grounds, and this requires intellectual freedoms of speech, association, and press that expand the menu of deliberative options and westward expansion 1800s essay scholarships for the vivid representation of the comparative merits of options on that menu.

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