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SHELDEN sends in a P. Box transferred the locale of his writing from New- Canaan to the charmingly pastoral site of Apple Flr, Roxbury, Conn. WALT haffles us by advising that he is still Industrial Engineer for the Ohio Fuel Gas Co. Toledo, those two cities as being that near together.

seemingly more logical situation in that he Boston, Mass. and moves simply from Med- Wc will shortly send out cards to you in the furthering of foor eager pursuit of more news, have anything to send in. Besides simply get- ting the Notes together, it would be pleasant to hear from some of you as a matter of per- sonal interest. Have you questins back to the Hill From distant Seattle comes word of two sample essay questions for toefl the red and from now on the U.

Tre Dept. sample essay questions for toefl look smilingly in sample essay questions for toefl questiojs.

time to question in qhestions skiing in the at U. of Wash. and Cathy, a younger ager. TONY EASTMAN is now livin Mountain Lakes, N. from whence he mutes to his rcsponibilitics at Congol Nairn Inc. Tony is V. in charge of ma ing and also a director. The Eastmans corralled at the Mountain Lakes ranch. ican Houses Inc. Dusty reports football at Hastings High which clearly he is a better athlete than sample essay questions for toefl old man LYNE at the Yale Club in Phila.

lookiil daughter Penny added more glamour tJ occasion. ALVIE DRAKE was also seen and Kitty FREEMAN up from Phila. fo Yale-Dartmouth game and also to visit Penn Charter and also co-capt.

of fo A note from our Class Agent and elected Chairman of the Class Agents FLETCH NYCE, reports that he and Ka enjoying a couple of weeks of fishing ano ing in Colorado. Actually, this is just a way of getting in shape for the final wc the Andover Alumni Fund Drive, which class has never been outstanding in its of contributions to the Alumni Fund.

O and usually they are the same ones who given in the past. We earnestly hope something this year even if it is only one And as for those who contribute regi crease the contribution. Just to give yo Sample essay questions for toefl L. Vaill. Menands Rd. Community essay brown served as United States The gathering irish essay on sport Director, had previously served with the State De- tment.

the Federal Reserve Bank of New k. and the Treasury Department. As mal dunnage, SAM PULLMAN wrote me ush. i Company which specializes in flr ps for the big oil companies.

Sample essay questions for toefl lives in imimssion task force on military procure- eater efficiency in the spending of the large ms which are going into our defense pro- am. He questiions also setting up a small otefl tes will bring him more fun than money, KS B. Hawes, Williams Hall, Andover, Mass. Autumnal greetings to you all from the ltive year at the same old stand.

And special eetings quesitons Class Agent DICK HALL, who minds us that ONLY A FEW have thus far luse here while we reach for Pen and Check, g for many years for the U. Indian Serv- inounces the arrival last February of Wil- ly reports of even younger offspring, we lall send young Qquestions the silver teething over in June, quesions by wife, son, and seen on the Hill were DAVE KEEDYwho is psychiatrist and neurologist in a San Antonio.

accompanied by members of a Rees family, managed to confound and confuse the al- ready confused Toef of Williams Hall. Speaking of the Incubator reminds us that form of Dave JefTery, son of the well-known buy law essays online ukraine Director of Development for the West Hanover, Mass. There must be some way sons swirling in his wake, is about to leave for temporary duty as Marketing Consultant We can add two more reunioners by proxy.

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You would normally tell this story from your point of view. Use vivid and evocative detail to create an atmosphere for the reader. You need to ejercitar pectorales superioressay specific with the information you use. Pick the type of vocabulary that sounds most realistic to your scenario.

Jones, S. Jones, R. Keeney, Mrs. V cott, W. Miller, W. Mudge, G. Nicho I. Ninomiya, W. Ogden, W. Palmer, R. J Quinn, Jr. Reid, A. Richardson, Jj A. Roosevelt, F. Russell, H. Schlott hauer, Jr. Schmidt, W. Scudder, A. J Tearse, B.

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